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Robin Davey was with The Hoax, an award-winning British blues band from the 90s and together with Greta Valenti they formed Well Hung Heart, one of the most original punk/blues bands of recent years. Now they’ve reappeared as Beaux Gris Gris & the Apocalypse and if this second album is anything to go by they’ll be around for a number of years – it’s a great album that doesn’t stick to any genre but which makes for great music across the spectrum.

In addition to Valenti on vocals and Davey on lead guitar, they also feature Mark Barrett on drums, Stephen Mildwater on bass and Emma Jonson on keyboards. All together a very talented outfit with lots of very different chops.

Opening number (the first single), ‘Fill Me Up’ is all about massive energy and a burst of rhythm.
“Bungalow Paradise” lowers the heat, Valenti’s softer vocal performance searches for the perfect place to live and love, Jonson’s electric piano brings out the subtlety and Barrett’s brushed drums create an intimate tune.

Probably my favorite track, ‘Trouble Is Coming’ is dark and brooding, New Orleans beat, fuzzy guitar from Davey and a distorted, anxious sound. Jonson’s keys are like an ominous itch that you can’t quite reach and the whole track is full of menace and menace. I can see it’s been a live favorite for ages.

“Is This The Blues” is another side to the band, Valenti’s resonant talking voice is superb, Davey’s guitar is edgy and howls like a trapped cat, the track is reminiscent of Tom Waits at its best.

‘Gris Gris’ is NOT exactly what you’d expect from a song with that title – yes, it has a New Orleans feel to it but I’ll leave it up to the listener to make up their own minds.

Beaux Gris Gris is different from all the other bands on the Blues scene at the moment. They have their own voice and don’t try to be anything other than original. Refreshing, for sure and a great listen too. Now I despair of seeing them live.

March 26: Muse Brecon, Wales,
March 27: Half Moon, Putney, London
March 29: Tuesday Night Music Club, Coulsdon
March 31: West End Centre, Aldershot
01 April: Bluefunk, Manchester Rugby Club,
April 02: Blues At The Bay, Stockton On Tees

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