Charli XCX | Charli XCX: The music industry is catching up with me

Charli XCX admits the music industry is “starting to catch up to her” “a bit”.

The ‘New Shapes’ singer has released her fifth studio album, ‘CRASH’, and the 29-year-old pop star finally feels her forward-looking music is a “tangible genre” – not just loved by “weird kids “.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, she said: “I’m on my fifth album in my five-album deal. I’ve gotten to this place where I’m integrating all the different things that I’ve done in the passed in a single work.

“I also feel – and this may sound negative but I actually think it’s positive – I also feel like we’re at a point in the music industry where the industry of the music is starting to catch up to me a bit.”

Charli explained, “We’re at that point where being an artist like me is actually pretty mainstream and the norm and with things like hyperpop existing. It’s like it’s now a tangible genre that not only the weird kids who have great taste can understand but playlisters can understand or whatever.

“This album feels very cyclical in a lot of ways…people can relate to who I am now.”

Charli describes her LP as “hyper-sexualized” and recently opened up about how she wants to “challenge” herself with dancing in the promo for single “Baby.”

She said: “It’s probably the sexiest song I’ve ever done. It’s about sex and sexuality and having good sex and basically feeling. I know that’s the tone. I knew that was the tone I wanted to carry through. It was into this kind of hyper-sexualized feminine power zone that I felt I was going, and “Baby” was the genesis of it.

“Also, I think that’s probably why I wanted to challenge myself on the choreography for this song, which was really, really difficult and I have so much respect for dancers, professional dancers , everyone who communicates emotions through dance. It’s so challenging and challenging, but so rewarding.”

Listen to the full interview on Apple Music.

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