How Capitalism Destroyed the Music Industry

Where have all the good bits gone? Did Millennials just follow in the footsteps of Gen X and baby boomers before them, yearning longingly for golden memories of a past that never shone? Or has the music business, and the music with it, really changed? In this episode of Art for the End TimesLyta Gold explores the unsavory reality of the capitalist music industry with special guest Torquil Campbell (AKA Torq), co-vocalist of the famous band indie pop/rock band Stars. Torq guides us on a journey to understand the contemporary music industry and how streaming platforms and usurious music industry capitalists have built an environment hostile to creativity with their relentless scam of artists and consumers. . To take back culture, we’ll have to take back the means of artistic production, and Torq offers some thoughts on what that might mean for cultural workers. Torq Campbell is a socialist musician, songwriter, co-singer of the group Stars and co-host of the Soft Revolution podcast. The stars have released nine studio albums, including, most recently, From Capelton Hill—and have been nominated for multiple Juno and Polaris Awards

Studio/Post-Production: Dwayne Gladden


The transcription of this story is in progress and will be available as soon as possible.

Lyta Gold is a freelance writer and editor. She is also the host of the TRNN Art for the End Times podcast. Follow her on @lyta_gold.

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