10 Best Easter Eggs In Taylor Swift Music Videos

Everyone loves Easter eggs, but Taylor Swift fans have a special connection with them. The singer-songwriter has included these sly references and allusions in his album covers, appearances at awards shows, social media posts, clothing and, most importantly, in his music videos since his self-titled debut album. , and Swifties just can’t get enough.

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Swift has become so adept at inserting these Easter eggs into her videos that she now plans them almost three years in advance, which is amazing and very nice for her fans to notice and recognize when they watch her songs. The exact total number of these clues is unimaginable, but some of them were especially popular with fans.


The cake in “I bet you think of me”

Taylor Swift licks the icing on the cake in I Bet You Think About Me.

Taylor’s latest track from the Vault, “I Bet You Think About Me” is full of Easter eggs, but the video’s towering wedding cake is a glorious collection of references for fans to decipher.

The top of the cake has a bunch of icy numbers on it, the most important being 13 which is Taylor’s lucky number. The middle of the cake has a frosting of two Red (Taylor’s version) rings on it – one from the current era which she wore and an older one which she wore when Red first came out in 2012, which she reportedly gifted to Olivia Rodrigo. The bottom tier of the cake contains birds that resemble one of two creatures: the seagulls she carried in the 1989 album cover, or the species of birds known as swifts. The red velvet cake also resembles a certain bloody cake that Taylor stabbed in the “Blank Space” music video.

The car in “Too good”

1989 Mercedes Benz too good

Taylor’s version of “All Too Well” is definitely better than the original, and the short footage that came with the 10-minute version revealed more details about the song’s inspirations. The entire film, which featured stranger things‘ Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien had references to her scarf, the age difference between her and Jake Gyllenhaal (which was also reflected in the actor’s age), and her whole album.

The most eagle-eyed fans noticed that the car that was featured in the film’s teaser, and then driven by Him and Her in the film, was a Mercedes-Benz S-Class of the Year 1989, a clear allusion to his Grammy-winning album. Could this be his next re-recording?

The name on the walls in “…Ready For It?”

Joseph written in Chinese text in the video Ready For it.

When Taylor Swift came out reputation, one of her naughtiest albums, she had been off the stage for years and came back with a bang and a new beau. She had a boyfriend named Joe Alwyn who had been endlessly supportive of her, and his name was plastered in several places in the edgy “…Ready For It?” video.

Joseph’s name was seen spray-painted on set shutters and written in Chinese on a yellow and red-lit board. Her birth year, 1991, was also found scrawled alongside Swift’s birth date of 1989.

The necklace in “Out Of The Woods”

Taylro rips his necklace in Out Of The Woods

This 1989 banger had a nice music video to match it, showing a scruffy Swift traversing forests, wastelands, cold tundras and reaching cliff edges ready to swallow you whole.

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It is largely assumed the song was about her ex Harry Styles and a car accident the two had while dating, which is compared to the origins of a troubled relationship. The two wore matching paper airplane necklaces at the time, and there’s a shot in the video where she’s seen ripping off a necklace and throwing it off a mountain, which is a reference to the airplane necklace.

The string in “Willow”

Taylor holds a golden rope in Willow.

The world was shocked when Taylor dropped out always right after the melodic masterpiece that folklore has been. Fans were still processing the latter when the singer announced the new album and the music video that would accompany lead single “Willow.”

“Willow” was a clean sequel to “Cardigan,” picking up where the first song left off, except now, instead of glowing lights, Swift had a golden string in her hands that took her back to the piano. The string was a very pointed reference to the song “Invisible String” on folklore, which led her to the shining golden love of a soul mate, which was the exact same thing that happened in the “Willow” music video.

Album name and single name in “ME!”

Taylor Swift sits on a unicorn statue in the ME!  Musical clip.

Lover was the complete opposite of dark and grungy reputation, filled with butterflies, flowers, cotton candy clouds, fluffy kittens and iridescent dreamlands that fans got a first-hand view of in the music video for “ME!”

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References have been made to “The Chicks”, earlier lyrics by 1989, and more, but the most tantalizing easter eggs were the album name and upcoming single that were hidden in the video. A neon sign stating Lover was seen floating in the sky, which was easy, but the first interaction between Swift and Urie is an argument in French, where he tells her “You must calm down”, thus giving the name of the next single.

Every Easter Egg in “Look What You Made Me Do”

Taylor lies in a bed of diamonds in Look What You Made Me Do

One of Taylor’s most performed songs in film and television, this track features a music video that is not only lyrically impressive, but rich in biographical detail as well. It’s hard to decide which one is the best, so it’s only fair to crown them all as the best. The beginning sees a graveyard with a headstone for “Nils Sjöberg”, which is a songwriter alias she used with Calvin Harris in the past.

Her jewel-filled bathtub has a single dollar bill, alluding to her historical case of sexual assault where she sued for a historic dollar. The video pokes fun at her controversial girl squad by showing them at a mannequin robot factory she runs and pokes fun at the Tom Hiddleston “I heart TS” tank top wore to one of his parties. The winning Easter egg is her use of snakes throughout the video, which was the emoji she was spammed with when Kim Kardashian lied about a call they had. The list goes on but this video was the holy grail of Easter eggs.

The photo of his grandfather in “Cardigan”

A photo of an older man, a clock and a painting on a wall in Cardigan.

Over the years, Swift’s hints have become much more personal and closer to her heart, especially with the release of folklore. The start of the video for “Cardigan” sees a sepia-toned photo of a dapper man, who is most likely his grandfather Archie D. Swift Jr., who served in the US Marine Corps.

This is an important easter egg since folklore includes a track called “Epiphany” where she writes about the horrors of war her grandfather saw, then compares them to what the fight against COVID-19 has been like for the past two years.

Scooters not allowed in “The Man”

Taylor Swift urinates on a graffiti wall in The Man.

“The Man” was an iconic video, where fans got to see their favorite singing idol dress like a man and walk around acting like some men behave with right and privilege. She released this song at a time when she the fight for his masters had begun against Scooter Braunso it only made sense that she would make a big reference to it in the video.

As ‘Taylor the Man’ urinates on a wall, fans can see the graffiti on it: all the tracks from her albums she doesn’t own, with a sign saying if found they must be returned to Swift . The most notable sign is of a scooter with a big red “No Entry” cross on it.

The mural in “Delicate”

The mural behind a hotel desk in the clip for Delicate.

This is a relatively lesser known and less noticed Easter egg in her videos, but halfway through the “Delicate” video, Swift is seen dancing in front of the Hotel Delicate reception, and behind she sits a giant tropical-looking mural, which was quite at odds with reputation aesthetic.

With its penchant for planning Easter eggs years in advance, this mural looks like a foreshadowing of Lover – the middle of the fresco represents an archer (which could refer to the track of Lover and also his astrological sign Sagittarius), and flamingos, which look like snakes and a lot of palm trees around.

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The Gray Man Chris Evans

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