15 receive the Aga Khan Music Awards

Dilshad Khan (India)

Tenth generation sarangi player from a hereditary lineage from Rajasthan who is spreading the sarangi language in film music and through innovative cross-cultural collaborative projects.

Golshan Ensemble (Iran)

Four women who perform traditional Iranian music with a contemporary sound and are active as teachers, with a particular focus on transmitting their musical tradition to girls and women.

Sain Zahoor (Pakistan)

Punjabi musician with a lifelong practice of chanting Sufi poetry at local shrines and festivals, often accompanied by ecstatic dancing.

Seyyed Mohammad Mousavi & Mahoor Institute (Iran)

Founder and long-time director of the Mahoor Institute of Culture and Arts, which has made fundamental contributions to the development of Iranian music and musicology.

Zulkifli & Bur’am (Aceh, Indonesia)

Revitalizers of Acehnese song traditions who have cultivated community development among young people through their participation in Bur’am, a traditional song and drum ensemble created by Zulkifli.

The main jury of the Aga Khan Music Awards also named Musallam al-Kathiry the winner of a special award for excellence in the service of Omani musical heritage.

Musallam al-Kathiry, music researcher, artistic director, performer and composer from Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, has made significant contributions to the collection, documentation, preservation and dissemination of Omani music.

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