7 K-pop Music Videos Filmed, Directed Or Edited By The Idols Themselves

The talent of K-pop idols isn’t just limited to singing, dancing, and songwriting or producing. In fact, some of them have even created music videos for their own songs. From filming to directing and editing the videos, several idols were personally involved in the making of their MVs.

Below are some K-pop music videos filmed, directed or edited by idols themselves.

7 K-pop Music Videos Filmed, Directed Or Edited By The Idols Themselves

BTS Suga “Agust D” MV

BTS Suga or Agust D is recognized as a producer and lyricist. But for his solo song “Daeshwita”, he channeled his talents as an inner director. While preparing for the song, Suga met with the director to plan the music video. He personally requested to have a historical drama setting and shared some of his ideas, which were eventually included in the scenes of the MV, such as the contrast between traditional and modern sets and the scar on his face.

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(G)I-DLE “Blow Your Mind” MV

Since breaking into the K-pop industry, (G)I-DLE has taken the music scene by storm, one release after another. After showing off their skills in songwriting and producing, these fierce ladies shone once again with their vision in directing the music video they created for “Blow your mind.”

SEVENTEEN “Vacation” Special Video

While Woozi is in charge of writing and producing SEVENTEEN’s songs, Hoshi is responsible for creating their choreography. But these two aren’t the only ones in the group with special talent, as Wonwoo also has something up his sleeve.

In particular, Wonwoo is the one who filmed, produced and edited the video for SEVENTEEN’s “Vacation” which captures SVT and their beautiful familiarity up close.

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Jackson Wang “Pretty Please” with Galantis MV

Since leaving JYP Entertainment, GOT7 member Jackson Wang has been heavily involved in creating his solo music. These days, the K-pop idol is not only involved in writing and producing his tracks, but also creating music videos.

For example, Jackson Wang himself directed, wrote and edited the music video for “Pretty please” with Galatis.

BAP Bang Yong Guk “AM 4:44” MV

B.A.P Bang Yong Guk “4:44 am” is another K-pop music video filmed by an idol. Bang Yong Guk himself had a noticeable impact on the filming, editing, and illustration aspects of said video. His directing role in the MV goes to his rich list of skills, which includes singing, rapping, songwriting, and producing.

f(x) “All Mine” MV

f(x) member Amber Liu was also heavily involved in the making of her music videos. Following the success of her first attempt with “Borders”, she continued to edit music videos for her solo releases and for her band’s music, including “All mine.”

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Super Junior Kim Heechul “Close Ur Mouth” MV Featuring Kim Jungmo

The latest K-pop music video on our list is that of Super Junior Kim Heechul “Shut Your Mouth” his duet with Kim Jungmo. This 2011 MV marked his directorial debut and was followed by MVs for “I Wish”, “Ulsanbawi” and “Narcissus”.

Do you know of any other K-pop MVs filmed, directed, edited or produced by the idols themselves? Let us know in the comments box below!

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