7 Rappers Who Idolize Cartoon Characters In Music Videos

Cartoons hold a special place in almost everyone’s heart. Almost everyone grew up with cartoons, even rappers. I can imagine everyone’s earliest memories involve animation. Because of this, they are universally loved by everyone including rappers. Even the toughest, toughest rapper enjoys an episode of Spongebob. Proof that these two worlds continue to intertwine, hip hop maintains an unbreakable link with cartoons. So here is a list of rappers who idolized cartoons in their music videos.

7. Tay K

It’s a shame that Tay-K wasted his only opportunity with music because he wanted to be on the streets. As talented as he is, the world has never seen him approach his potential. Because he was on the run from the police in his prime, many of his best songs didn’t even have a music video. For his collaboration with Memphis rapper Blocboy JB, “Hard”, they used a cartoon version of Tay K as a replacement. As it was the best they could do, due to his situation, I appreciated the effort. Even though he is allegedly a murderer, the young rapper was still a child at heart. He often referred to the cartoon Rugrats. If only he spent more time being a kid, instead of growing up too fast.

6. Megan the Stallion

Megan must be one of the most relatable entertainers out there, which is why she’s so likeable. She is a fan of animated series. You can sometimes see her cosplaying some of her favorite characters, showing that she’s not a fake fan. She recently released her new album, Traumazine, and she did the dumbest thing possible. She asked her team to contact the original hosts of the hit TV show The Boondocks to view every song on the album. I haven’t seen the show in a while, but these videos reminded me how much I miss the show. Excellent marketing strategy by his team, and the reception was amazing.

5. Kanye West

We already know that Kanye is one of the greatest hip-hop pioneers today. Thus his unbridled creativity influences many artists. One aspect the rapper can take credit for is incorporating cartoons/animations into his music. We saw him for the first time when he presented his brand bear logo. The bear was meant to represent Ye and her pursuit of happiness. The fictional mascot’s life mirrored Kanye’s, so when Ye got a new wardrobe, so did the bear. My all time favorite video by Ye has to be “Good Morning”. In this video, we see the bear arriving late for graduation and trying to make the ceremony on time. The visuals in this video are gorgeous and understated ahead of its time. As Kanye rose through the ranks, it was good to see the mascot graduate as well.

4. The Gorillaz

How could I forget The Gorillaz? If you don’t remember, let me refresh your memory. It is a rap-rock group made up of four fictional members. We used to get a glimpse of their universe through music videos and comics. Just because they’re cartoons doesn’t mean they don’t have talent. They have had a few hits under their belt and have even won some major awards. I can’t believe they won a Grammy, which is the highest honor you can get in music. If you’ve never listened to them, I recommend you check out their 2005 single “Feel Good Inc”“. It’s a timeless classic. If you told me the song/video dropped last year, I’d easily believe you.

3.Kodak Black

Similar to Tay K, Kodak Black is another rapper who can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Five years ago, while running into legal trouble, he was simultaneously in the midst of rolling out his new album, Painting Pictures. Fortunately, his crime was not as serious and he was only sentenced to house arrest. Making the most of a bad situation, he used an animated version of himself to promote the album for him. What a brilliant idea from Yak. I recommend you watch her video for “Patty Cake”. It looks like a lit back-to-school commercial as the cartoon Yak rolls around campus. The song never fails to put me in a better mood.

2. Lil Dicky

You mean white privilege? Former rapper, now full-time comedian Lil Dicky, has used rap music as a stepping stone to jump-starting his rap career. I remember like it was yesterday his first hit song “Professional Rapper” had everyone curious about the comedic rapper. Especially the vibrant and colorful music video he had for it. The music video looked like a comic. Of course it had to blow, featuring one of hip-hop’s goats, Snoop Dogg. Besides that and a few other songs, no one remembers/cares about Lil Dicky’s musical career. But I have to commemorate it because this video now has 231 million views on YouTube, which is amazing!

1. 6ix9ine

I think 6ix9ine is the perfect way to end the list. The New York rapper perfectly embodies a cartoon character. For me, he is the best actor in the music industry, even though he has never acted in a movie/tv show. Just like a cartoon character, he woke up every day and did whatever he wanted. Go back and check out his old cover art, almost all of them include an animated version of him on it. So that means even he knew it. For the music video for his comeback single, “GOOBA”, he parodied the children’s TV show, baby shark. I’m glad he can make fun of himself so we don’t have to do it for him. This video is very immature and childish. Nothing gangster about your set of kids show-like music videos.

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