7 tech-savvy musicians who helped change the music industry

The music industry has made amazing technological advancements over the past few decades. However, we would not be where we are today without these 7 independent musicians.

by Janelle Borg by AmplifyYou

Music and technology go hand in hand. Thanks to advancements in technology, musicians can write, record, produce, and stream music from the comfort of their bedroom! Without a doubt, without some tech-savvy musicians who pushed the boundaries, the music industry wouldn’t be where it is today. In this article, we pay tribute to 7 musicians who have transformed the face of the music industry as we know it.

The Paul

Jazz, country and blues artist Les Paul is best known for inspiring the iconic Gibson Les Paul model. However, he is also credited with pioneering some innovations in recording and production. These include early experiments with overdubbing, multitrack recording, tape delay and phasing, which forever changed the way music is recorded.

Jonny Greenwood

Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood is not only a bona fide multi-instrumentalist and songwriter and producer, but also known to be a very tech-savvy musician. He knows how to program the music software used by Radiohead and is known for pushing techniques such as sampling, looping and programming. Without a doubt, his work helped propel Radiohead into the alternative rock royalty that the band is today.

Brian Eno

Record producer and visual artist Brian Eno is widely hailed as an innovator. He is known for his contribution to music production, ambient music, rock and pop music. Additionally, the self-proclaimed “non-musician” was indispensable in introducing innovative recording techniques to create soundscapes.


IIn an interview with The Guardian, the Icelandic artist said, “I see myself as someone who builds bridges between the human things we do every day and technology.” She was an early adopter of groundbreaking technologies, such as the Yamaha QY20 music sequencer, ProTools and Melodyne. As a result, she helped introduce these tools to other artists. His body of work examines the relationship between nature and technology, culminating in the 2016 virtual reality exhibition “Björk Digital”.


Without a doubt, Dr. Dre is an icon of music production. Along with pushing the boundaries of music production, Dr. Dre is known as one of the leading entrepreneurs in music technology. With Jimmy Iovine, he launched Beats, a billion-dollar headphone brand that forever changed the way we listen to music.


British rock band Muse are synonymous with cutting-edge music technology. The band goes where no one else goes. As a result, they usually introduce things that become mainstream years later. Their career included LED suits, AI-generated music, and everything in between. Of course, not everything fits together, but it’s safe to say that Muse is the definition of a tech-savvy band.


Grimes is one of those tech-savvy musicians who never stop experimenting. In addition to her music, she finds time to explore the intersection of music and technology by starting AI girl groups, AI music projects that help people sleep, mainstreaming NFTs, creating a Metaverse children’s book and participating in the first-ever Metaverse Fashion Week. , to name a few!

Janelle Borg knows a thing or two about the music industry. Involved in the industry since the age of 13, she is now involved in a variety of music-related projects and is always eager to share industry tips and tricks with other musicians.

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