All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) appoints Makhtar Diop as Country Director of Senegal

The All Africa Music Award (AFRIMA) International Executive Committee (, in collaboration with the African Union Commission (AUC), on Tuesday appointed Mr. Makhtar Diop as the National Director of AFRIMA in Republic of Senegal. .

The decision reflects AFRIMA’s principle of inclusion, especially with regard to the unification of the entire continent through the tool of music. With Diop’s new appointment, AFRIMA is poised to deepen its impact in the West African region and other Francophone regions of the continent.

“AFRIMA is made up of real people, with core passions and energetic enthusiasm. It is a collective of Pan-African-minded individuals who draw their strength and inspiration from the concept and vision of AFRIMA, which is the recognition of African music in the world, positioned to boost the creative economy of the continent, as well as to be a unifier among Africans at home and in the diaspora.

“We are happy that Diop is leading the fort for AFRIMA, in Senegal, as the country has a very rich heritage of African music and culture that needs to be preserved and promoted. And this is also at the heart of AFRIMA’s operations. With Diop, we believe that AFRIMA’s presence is well represented, and the global vision of the AU, AFRIMA and every African, will be realized by the efforts to be made in Senegal,” said the executive producer/president from AFRIMA, Mr. Mike Dada. .

Commenting on the development, the Head of the Culture Division of the African Union Commission (AUC), Ms. Angela Martins, noted that “we are still working to widen the fold and ensure that all the right hands are on the bridge to help us achieve this goal”. African dream. We welcome Diop and are confident that his selfless efforts will help elevate the creative scene in Senegal and across the continent.

Diop’s appointment consolidates his pioneering effort in the music industry in Africa. Born in 1983, Diop built his legacy within the Senegalese music scene, as an organizer of musical events, promoter and record company manager.

With his musical group Soubatel, he successfully managed and developed big names including Malian superstar Sidiki Diabate, and worked with other great talents such as Pape Diouf, Wally B Seck, Youssou Ndour, Samuel Eto’o, among others.

Instructively, the Country Director plays a key role in the comprehensive and stakeholder-based approach of the AFRIMA International Committee through a high level of strategic leadership and partnership. He provides direction, directs, builds and maintains partnerships and relationships between stakeholders; government and policy makers; the entertainment, music and creative industry; media and fans of African music. He is ultimately responsible in his country office for all aspects of AFRIMA’s strategic partnerships, leading the consolidation and development of AFRIMA’s program.

In partnership with the African Union Commission (AUC), All Africa Music Awards, AFRIMA, is a musical and cultural initiative developed to celebrate, reward and showcase Africa’s rich musical heritage, stimulate conversations between Africans and between Africa and the rest of the world on the great potentials and values ​​of African culture and artistic heritage with the aim of creating jobs, reducing poverty, attracting the attention of leaders on Africa and to promote the positive image of Africa in the world.

Meanwhile, the All Africa Music Awards 2022 will now be held from December 8 to 11, 2022. A special announcement will be made on the host country and the awards venue on September 30, 2022.

The AFRIMA Awards Ceremony will feature a 4-day party of music, glitz and glamor aimed at celebrating Africa, recognizing talent and expanding the economic frontiers of culture and the creative industry on the continent . The event is expected to start with the Welcome Party, followed by the AFRIMA Music Village, Host City Tour, Africa Music Business Summit and Exclusive Nominees Party and conclude with the Live Awards Ceremony broadcast in more than 84 countries around the world.

Fans of African music superstars can participate in the award process by voting for their favorite nominees in each of the 39 categories, respectively. The voting portal is available on the AFRIMA website at, and it will be closed on December 10, 2022, the day before the awards ceremony.

Fans are also encouraged to follow #RoadToAFRIMA2022, by visiting AFRIMA’s website at as well as its social media platforms (Instagram/TikTok – @Afrima.official; Facebook – @Afrimawards; Twitter – @Afrimaofficial), and they can watch coverage of the event by tuning into their local TV and cable providers.

In partnership with the African Union Commission, AFRIMA is a youth-focused music platform that recognizes and rewards the work and talents of African artists across generations.

AFRIMA mainly stimulates conversations between Africans, but also the rest of the world, in particular on the potential of the creative arts to foster real human enterprise, as well as to contribute significantly to social cohesion, as well as to sustainable development in Africa. . The program of events is in line with the AU Agenda 2063 which defines Aspiration 05 as the development of the arts and culture sector, including its cultural and creative industries, to drive the development of the African economy .

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