Amanda Holden is leaving the music industry for good

Multi-millionaire artists Ed Sheeran and Adele can breathe a sigh of relief because Amanda Holden has left the music industry.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge has sworn never to make another album.

The 51-year-old debuted as a recording artist in 2020 with Songs From The Heart.

But after being knocked out of the top spot by The Vamps, she won’t do anything more.

Speaking openly about her singing career, Amanda revealed, “No. I dropped the mic. I’m done with that.”

Simon Cowell teased that she only made the top five on the charts because she went out and bought most of the copies. He joked, “I heard there were a lot of your records in the garage.”

Amanda says her singing days are over

But she hit back and said, “That’s your thing. He used to buy loads of records to try and get them to number one.

“It was a thing back then. Now you have to spread them.”

Although Amanda is no longer making music, she will be wearing more “shock dresses” on BGT.

Her outfits often spark complaints to Ofcom for being inappropriate for an ITV family show.

But she teased, “I’m thinking about more rubber. I liked wearing latex in the audition and I’m thinking about more latex in lives. More latex and more sweat.”

Amanda no longer wants to make music
Amanda no longer wants to make music

Despite the complaints she has racked up over the years from viewers, Amanda has never been censored by ITV for her risque sets.

A source told the Mirror: ‘There has never been a diktat from above on what she can or cannot wear.

In 2017, the radio host left fans stunned when she rocked a plunging Julien Macdonald dress.

The daringly low dress exposed parts of her chest and reached down to her navel.

Amanda's clothing choices have received a number of complaints over the years
Amanda’s clothing choices have received a number of complaints over the years

Amanda’s dress sent viewers into a frenzy and received 663 Ofcom complaints at the time.

However, after investigating the June 2017 incident, Ofcom took no action.

A spokesman for the regulator said: “We have carefully assessed complaints that dresses worn by judges were inappropriate for pre-turn audiences.

“We recognize that the dresses had the potential to offend some viewers on what is a family show.

“However, while some of the outfits were revealing, we felt they were appropriately timed and would not have exceeded most viewers’ expectations.”

Britain’s Got Talent kicks off for a stellar weekend this Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 7.35pm on ITV.

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