‘American Idol’ Top 7 Releases New Original Songs And Music Videos

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At the start of the week, the american idol Top 7 has teased their new original songs, and now they’re finally here for us to hear, along with music videos that show the contestants in the recording studio. The singles were uploaded to each artist’s YouTube channel.

‘American Idol’ Top 7 Original Songs

The competition is now narrowed down to the Top 5, consisting of Fritz Hager, HunterGirl, Leah Marlene, Nicolina and Noah Thompson. But last week’s eliminated contestants Christian Guardino and Jay also got a chance to record new singles.

Fritz Hager, “Hearts Align”

Fritz’s new song is called “Hearts Align”. After hearing the teaser, I commented that the song was reminiscent of Fritz’s idol, Phillip Phillips. The full song definitely has that vibe, but Fritz puts his own style to it.

“Hold me down, I’m sinking / Oh, I know your heart isn’t mine / I can’t stop this feeling / Take me back the moment our hearts align,” Fritz sings on the chorus of the song. He’s performed several original songs on the show before, and this is another one for fans before he hits the stage again.

Hunter Girl, ‘Red Bird’

HunterGirl’s song is called “Red Bird”. The Platinum Ticket winner said on Instagram that it was “one of the most personal songs I’ve ever written.” She said her mother told her that red birds were signs that lost loved ones were caring for us.

The song shows off the singer’s signature country style, with a music video featuring family photos. On Friday morning, HunterGirl celebrated on social media that the song had reached No. 7 on the iTunes country table.

Lea Marlene, ‘Flowers’

Leah’s song is called “Flowers”. She called it “an encouragement for my past”. The inspirational track is backed by acoustic guitar, and the music video overlays images of flowers over Leah’s recording session.

“Cause even the sidewalk gives way to flowers / When you’re six feet under it’s hard to hear the fracture / New life grows in the layers you’ve lost,” Leah sings in the chorus, which shows the voice that brought her to the Top 5.


Nicolina, ‘Sequins’

Nicolina’s song is called “Glitter”. It is an emotional track on the experience of mourning. Friday morning, the singer celebrated the instagram after the song reached No. 1 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart.

“See the heartbreak, it’s like glitter / It’s hard to get rid of / Bright light and it still sparkles / Like it was yesterday,” Nicolina sings, showing off her incredible range and ability to imbue with emotion its performance.

Noah Thompson, “One Day Tonight”

Noah’s song is called “One Day Tonight”. It’s a romantic song that shows the singer’s classic country style. On Friday morning, Noah posted on instagram that the song had reached number three on the iTunes Country Chart.

“So go, girl / Pour a glass of wine / And dream out loud, talk about / One day tonight,” Noah sings in the song’s chorus. The sweet track is about a couple looking forward to their future together. The video features appearances from fellow contestants HunterGirl and Jay.

Christian Guardino, ‘Superior’

Christian’s song is called “Higher”. Although the singer did not enter the american idol Top 5, he still got the chance to record and release the song, which is a moving ballad that showcases Christian’s great voice.

“So you won’t hold me, you’ll bring me closer / Take me higher tonight,” Christian sings in the song’s chorus. “No, don’t hurt me, bring me closer/take me higher this time.”

Jay, ‘Unlonely’

Jay’s song is called “Unlonely”. Along with Christian, this Platinum Ticket winner was eliminated from the american idol Top 7 last week, but he still managed to record this song that is sure to get fans dancing. As he said on Instagram, “We’re not alone all summer.”

“We can get a little lonely,” Jay sings in the chorus of the track, which has an addictive beat. He posted on Instagram that the song reached #4 on the iTunes R&B chart.

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