Amit Trivedi is my first believer in Bollywood music industry

After working as a writer and lyricist for Marathi films, Kshitij Patwardhan is now gearing up for an exciting run in Bollywood. The lyricist has already been praised and awarded for his song Phisal Jaa Tu (Haseen Dilruba, 2021) and recently announced his first Hindi project as a writer, Happy Teacher’s Day.

Led by national award-winning director Mikhil Musale, Kshitij was chosen for the project as the creators were looking for someone who would do justice to the theme, setting and culture of the script in the dramatic space. “This is my first role as a writer in Hindi and I’m thankful and thankful for it. It came through mutual friends. Mikhil, Parinda Joshi and Anu Singh Chaudhary together formed a writers room and completely rediscovered the subject, the story, the script and the dialogues. It was a great base for my Hindi writing,” says Kshitij.

Creativity is not tied to language, but when it comes to writing, language makes a difference. So, as a Maharashtrian, who mainly thinks in Marathi, Kshitij has worked hard to get his Hindi process right. He specifically developed the habit of watching and consuming more Hindi content. He attended Hindi mushairas, poetry events, etc. “Hindi is a beautiful mix of several dialects. It is a vast ocean that never stops giving and that we must constantly explore. I’m not even 5% close to mastering it and need to pull my socks up to do my best. And I really appreciate this process.


Phisal Jaa Tu has been a huge hit, and Kshitij shares that working with music composer Amit Trivedi has been liberating and satisfying. “Amit is a creative genius and my first supporter in the Bollywood music industry. I will always be grateful to him. My first project with him was actually Rocket Gang by Bosco Martis. I wrote four songs for him. After that project , he suggested Haseen Dilruba to me. Amit never sets a limit and let the team follow the vibe and the flow. It lets you create things organically and it helps you create a democratic process of music making .

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