An evening of celebration at the 2022 Pacific Music Awards

Pacific Musicians Recognized at In-Person Awards Ceremony in Manukau, Auckland

August 04

Tonight the Pacific music community was celebrated at the Pacific Music Awards 2022 at the Vodafone Event Center in Manukau, Auckland.

Onehunga-based hip-hop team
SWIFT won three awards for Flava Best Pacific Group, Base FM & Island Base Best Pacific Hip Hop Artist and APRA Best Pacific Song for ‘Kelz Garage’, written by Daniel Latu, Amon McGoram, Isaiah Libeau, Lomez Brown and Samuel Verlinden.

artist friend
kings was nominated for the NZ Music Commission’s Best Pacific Male Artist and received both the NZ On Air Radio Airplay Award and the NZ On Air Streaming Award for his track “Help Me Out” featuring Sons of Zion.

BBQ Favorites tomorrow people were honored with One Love Best Pacific Roots/Reggae Artist as well as recorded music Te Pukaemi Toa o Te Moana Nui a Kiwa | Best Pacific Music Album for Their Album 21.

For their work on The Panthers OST, Diggy Dupe, Choicevaughan & P. ​​Smith were honored with the MPG/SAE Best Producer Award. Additionally, the song “Ain’t The Same” featuring Melodownz & Summer Vaha’akolo won the NZ On Air Pacific Music Video Award and was produced by Tom Hern and Timēna Apa.

Several first-time finalists also won their respective categories. Anthem were recognized with 531pi Best Pacific Gospel Artist, while
Sat V and Lissi received Best Pacific Soul/RnB Artist and Best International Pacific Niu FM Artist respectively.

Auckland Council Best Pacific Female Artist was awarded to
Emilie Muliwhile Kas Futialo received the SunPix Award for Best Pacific Language for the album Grandmasta Kas.

brother outfit Samson Squad were crowd favorites, winning the SunPix People’s Choice Award for Top Pacific Artist, while newcomer Jarna
received the Phillip Fuemana Award for Most Promising Artist in the Pacific.

Receiving the first Creative New Zealand Awards are reign of the shepherdsrecognizing their contributions to the Pacific music scene and helping to enhance the impact of their art.

The first Arch Angel Independent Artist Award went to lilbubblegum to support his budding career, after his hit ‘af1s’ went viral last year – reaching over 20 million Spotify streams.

There were three recipients of this year’s Ministry of Pacific Peoples Special Recognition Award – Ngaire Fuata, Tagata Pasifika and
Niu FM – Pacific Media Network. All three deserve to be celebrated for the impact they have had on the local Pacific community in Aotearoa. Finally,
Fa’anana Jerome Gray was selected as the 2022 recipient of the Manukau Institute of Technology Te Pukenga Lifetime Achievement Award.

Grey’s signature song “We Are Samoa” became the country’s unofficial anthem, and his legacy was celebrated through a tribute performance by Brotherhood Musiq and Resonate.

Spokesperson for the Pacific Music Awards Trust, Reverend Mua Strickson-Pua said, “The Pacific Music Awards 2022 is a testament to Ene tolonga
[Tonga] Kena Ivakaraitaki [Fiji] Maufetuuna’i [Samoa] Te Pakari [Maori Aotearoa] Resilience comes down to live music audiences honoring and celebrating our Pacific artists and industry.

“Aware of our Kaupapa themes of connections, collaboration and community, the Pasifika music soundtracks of our people and this recent COVID19 reality have gone down in history. Pasifika Music Pasifika Artists Pasifika Nations honored and celebrated the 2022 Pasifika Music Awards manuia.”

Petrina Togi-Sa’ena, Event Producer, says, “We are grateful and so grateful to have been able to return with a live event this year for the Pacific Music Awards. It gave us the opportunity to come together as an extended family and as a community, to collectively celebrate Pacific music together.

“With more award categories and a full show of amazing live performances, it was such a wonderful and uplifting evening. Many thanks to our sponsors, funders, supporters and the team who work so hard to make the awards possible. Congratulations to all of the finalists, winners and recipients – we are so proud of you all!”

Alongside the celebration of Pacific Musicians, there were several live performances by finalists and winners including House of Misfits, Kings, Mo. Etc, Sam V, SWIDT and Tomorrow People.

2022 Pacific Music Awards winners:

Auckland Council’s Best Pacific Female Artist:

  • WINNER: Emily Muli – ‘To break’
  • Mo Etc.
    ocean bed
  • Tree – ‘No Fear ft Junior Soqeta’

NZ Music Commission Best Pacific Male Artist:

  • WINNER: Kingsraplist‘Young 4Eva’
  • Diggy Duped – ‘WEON’
  • Poetic – Poetic justice

Flava Best Pacific Group:

  • WINNER: SWIFT – ‘Seize the Day ft Savage’, ‘Kelz Garage’, ‘312 Day’
  • Team Dynamite – Respect the process
  • tomorrow people
    – 21

NZ On Air Best Pacific Music Video:

  • WINNER: Diggy Dupé, Choicevaughan and P. Smith – ‘It’s not the same ft. Melodownz & Summer Vaha’akolo’
    • Directed by Tom Hernv and Timēna Apa
  • House of misfits – ‘Ta Te Manawa’
    • Directed by Abigail Dougherty
  • Valley
    – ‘Swing down’
    • Directed by Connor Pritchard

APRA Best Pacific Song:

  • WINNER: SWIFT Kelz Garage
    • Written by Daniel Latu, Amon McGoram, Isaiah Libeau, Lomez Brown, Samuel Verlinden
  • kings – ‘Young 4Eva’
    • Written by Kingdon Chapple-Wilson
  • Samson Squad – ‘Bring’
    • Written by Jacob Samson, Tautape Samson and Jayjay Samson

SunPix Best Pacific Language:

  • WINNER: Kas Futialo –
    Grandmasta Kas
  • Lani Alo – ‘Tua i manu’
  • Samson Squad – ‘Kainga’, ‘Amene’
  • Shepherds Reign – ‘Nga Ao E Rua feat. Swizl Jäger”

Base FM & Island Base FM Best Pacific Hip-Hop Artist:

  • WINNER: SWIFT – ‘Seize the Day ft Savage’, ‘Kelz Garage’, ‘312 Day’
  • Poetic –
    poetic justice
  • Team Dynamite –
    Respect the process

Best Pacific Soul/RnB Artist:

  • WINNER: Sam V – “Wired”, “Biker Boy”
  • Emily Muli – ‘Break’
  • T. J. Taotua –

One Love Best Pacific Roots/Reggae Artist:

  • WINNER: People of Tomorrow
    – 21
  • Foundation – ‘Closer’
  • Samielz-
  • Victor J Sefo – ‘Pele Ea’, ‘Ride’, ‘Shots’

531ft Best Pacific Gospel Artist:

  • WINNER: Anthem –
  • Tree – “No fear with Junior Soqeta”
  • House of misfits ‘Tā Te Manawa’

Niu FM Best Pacific International Artist:

  • WINNER: Lisi – ‘Good Life’, ‘Dreams’, ‘Til the Death’, ‘Baby We On’
  • Bina Butta & Kennyon Brown – ‘Lady Love’
  • Jaro Local – ‘Kamanda Amanda’, ‘First Time’, ‘Single Dad’, ’25 Minutes’

Best MPG/SAE Producer

  • WINNER: Diggy Dupe, choicevaughan & P. ​​Smith – The Panthers OST
    • Producers: Diggy Dupe, choicevaughan, P Smith
  • Team Dynamite –
    Respect the process
    • Producer: Harry (Haz Beats) Huavi
  • Tomorrow people – 21
    • Producers: IKON MUSIC – Avina Kelekolio, Hennie Tui, Tana Tupai

Recorded music Te Pukaemi Toa or Te Moana Nui a Kiwa | Best Pacific Music Album

  • WINNER: People of Tomorrow –
  • Diggy Dupe, Choicevaughan & P. ​​Smith – The Panthers OST
  • Kings –

SunPix People’s Choice Award – Best Pacific Artist

Philip Fuemana Award – Most Promising Pacific Artist

New Zealand Creative Award

Ministry of Pacific Peoples Special Recognition Award

  • Ngaire Fuata
  • Tagata Pasifika
  • Niu FM – Pacific Media Network

Arch Angel Independent Music Awards

Manukau Institute of Technology Te Pukenga Excellence Award

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