Artists from five continents nominated for the International Portuguese Music Awards 2022

PROVIDENCE – Artists from five continents have been nominated for this year’s International Portuguese Music Awards (IPMA), including several local artists and some big names like Salvador Sobral, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

The nominees were revealed in a web stream hosted by ‘The Voice Portugal’ coach Aurea. The 10th IPMA show honoring artists of Portuguese descent is scheduled for Saturday, April 23 at the Providence Performing Arts Center.

“Like most years, many new names have decided to participate,” said David Saraiva, who co-organizes the International Portuguese Music Awards with José “Zach” Xavier. “It’s great to see the amount of talent there. For the first time ever, there are more nominations from Canada than from the US, so the IPMA is gaining traction there.

There will be 13 prizes up for grabs in categories including Rock, Rap, Fado, Music Video and Best New Talent.

“Some categories are stronger than others, but overall the quality is very high,” Saraiva said. “Fortunately, we have an excellent panel of judges who score the submissions.”

A cash prize of $2,000 and studio time with MDC Music in Toronto will be awarded to the 2022 IPMA ‘New Talent’ winner.

“Our label and management company develop young artists to help them achieve their dreams.” said Manuel Da Costa, president of MDC Media Group. “Helping this year’s winner on their musical journey is something we are very proud to be a part of and we look forward to seeing this year’s promising Luso talent.”

Giuliana Amaral, 20, a Dartmouth resident studying performance at Berklee College of Music in Boston, will compete in the New Talent category.

“I have been attending IPMAs with my family for several years now and thought it would be really cool to have the opportunity to be nominated. And now it has happened. It means my work has been recognized by an organization awesome and I’m really happy about it,” said Amaral, who usually performs rock and hard rock songs in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, New York and at The Whiskey in Los Angeles. .

She hopes the IPMAs will open new doors for her to help her achieve her dream of traveling the world doing what she loves.

“For me, it’s an honor,” she said of her expectations. “Portugal has amazing musicians and I’m very grateful and honored to be part of the [IPMA] listing.”

She will compete with a song she wrote for her grandfather who likes to ride motorcycles, called “MIDNITE Rider”.

“My grandfather, who I call Nene (his real name is Nelson) was more of a father figure to me than a grandfather,” she said. “He raised me all my life. And he’s always there for me no matter what and I’m very grateful to him for that.

K45, the artistic name of Karina Alves, was also nominated in the New Talent category.

“Coming from Portuguese descent with two parents born there, it’s an honor to embrace my heritage as a singer/songwriter at the IPMAs,” said the 19-year-old Stoughton resident and UMass student. Lowell. “This nomination is just a reminder of the support of the Portuguese community within the music industry. It’s truly a blessing to share my music at this event and I can’t wait to perform.

She will perform a song called “Without Me”.

“It was the first song I ever released. I wrote it as an anthem for all the times people would let me down just to come back into my life once they realized how much I was precious as a person,” said K45, who identifies as a Funky/R&B singer but enjoys experimenting in other styles as well.

“I’m thrilled for the IPMAs, not only to perform, but to see all the amazing artists and nominees,” she added.

New Bedford-based BandFaith will take part in the performance “Música Popular” with the song “Saudades de Portugal”

“When we wrote and recorded the song ‘Saudades de Portugal’, we were still heavy in the middle of the pandemic. The song came from a desire and a love (a saudade) for our homeland and a sadness that with the state of our world at the time, we couldn’t just hop on a plane to visit our families and share our homeland and traditions,” says Tiago Goulart.

This will be the band’s 5th IPMA nomination. They were nominated with the songs “Amor Amor”, “Comeback” and “Blue Jeweled Eyes” in 2014 and “Não Quero Trabalhar” in 2015.

“We haven’t won any awards yet and hope he comes back with us this year,” Goulart said. “Being nominated along with other artists from around the world means to us that even as a group of seven with different experiences, likes, dislikes and tastes, we can still combine to create music that people in our community and beyond can appreciate, and of a quality that deserves to be nominated. This is particularly close to our hearts because, like most of our original work, we write our own music and lyrics, perform our own music, and record it all in-house in our keyboardist/vocalist’s studio (Studio 81).

Melo Musik, comprised of Danny Melo of Methuen and Chris Colarullo of Randolph, will compete in the ‘Best Dance Performance’ category with ‘Garota (ft. Alex Ferrari)’.

“We are passionate about music and we create our own. It’s inspiring to know that others appreciate it too and it’s a real honor to be recognized by the IPMAs,” Melo told O Jornal.

Melo Musik, who likes to describe themselves as the “Festa Kings”, is no stranger to IPMAs. In 2017, they were the winners of “Best Dance Song” and “People’s Choice”. A year later, they were nominated in the same categories.

“This year’s track ‘Garota’ is sung by Alex Ferrari from Brazil, best known for his hit ‘Bara Bara Bere Bere’ with 25 million views on YouTube,” Melo said. “We are honored to be nominated and perform again at the IPMA After Party. We always look forward to the performances. IPMAs always provide a high level of production and entertainment.”

The People’s Choice Award, presented by LiUNA, is the only category voted for by the public via the IPMA website. Voting will begin this month. The four artists/bands that receive the most votes become the official nominees, and the one with the most votes will be announced as the winner.

“For the People’s Choice vote, which will be announced this month, we typically get votes from 75 to 80 countries,” Saraiva said. “Without a doubt, IPMA is growing every year.”

Luso-American actress Daniela Ruah — best known for playing NCIS Special Agent Kensi Blye on the hit CBS series NCIS: Los Angeles — will co-host the 2022 IPMA show with celebrity personality Ricardo Farias. local television and radio which currently hosts the conference show “De Cá Pra Lá” produced in New Bedford for RTP Açores.

Ruah and Farias will feature a lineup of star-studded artists, including Áurea, Xutos e Pontapés, Paulo Gonzo, Delfins, Calema and Jorge Ferreira.

The show will also air on The Portuguese Channel, Camões TV, Xfinity On Demand and worldwide via RTP International at a later date/time to be announced.

Previously held at the Zeiterion Performing Arts Center in New Bedford, this is the first time the show will travel to Rhode Island.

“We are pleased with how ticket sales are going so far,” Saraiva said. “There are still many people who may have heard of IPMA but never experienced it in person. As we are celebrating our 10th anniversary in a new city, a new iconic location , with an amazing lineup of artists, I think the turnout will be great.It’s a memorable way to spend an evening in downtown Providence, celebrate your culture and catch an international TV event.

In addition, for the first time, the After-Party will take place at the same place as the show.

“Anyone interested in attending the After-Party should lock in their tickets as soon as possible as we expect them to sell out,” Saraiva said.

To reserve tickets for the International Portuguese Music Awards show, visit or call the PPAC box office at 401-421-2787.

2022 IPMA nominees:

Music Video of the Year

“Hashtag NotAlways” – Mourah, Directed by Miskolczi Margit Lukrécia (Switzerland)

“Lisbon” – Peter Serrado, Directed by Stella Jurgen (Canada)

“Amor ao Longe” – Marito Marques, directed by Aurélio Vasques (Canada)

“Father, Son and the Holy Spirit” – John Black Wolf & The Bandits, directed by Pedro Almeida (Portugal)

Best Instrumental Performance

“The Mermaid and the Sailor” – Sohayla Smith (Canada)

“Perspectives” – Marco Matos (Portugal)

“Up” – i Tempo (Canada)

“Escapismo” – Ricardo J. Martins (Portugal)

World’s Best Music Performance

“Regresso (Live in Warsaw)” – Miroca Paris (Portugal)

“Bo Mister” – Diva Barros (Cape Verde)

“Vamos Ser Felizes” – Cordeone (USA)

“Se Tu Quiser” – Kelly Rosa (Brazil)

Best Traditional Performance

“A Formiga No Carreiro” – Jacinta & Antonio Bastos (Portugal)

“Bailarina” – Bolha (Portugal)

“Manjerico” – Marito Marques (Canada)

“Lua” – Cristina Clara (Portugal)

Best Fado Performance

“A Vida Depois da Vida” – Tony Gouveia (Canada)

“Fado Sem Ti” – Marco Oliveira (Portugal)

“Bem Estar Interdito” – Cordeone (USA)

“Estou Bem” – Inês de Vasconcellos (Portugal)

Best Dance Show

“Pensamento” – Double (Portugal)

“Garota (ft. Alex Ferrari)” – Melo Musik (US)

“Star Sensation” – Sukuri (Spain)

“Sta Sabi (ft. Mito)” – Cee Jay Sena (US)

Best Rap/Hip-Hop Performance

“WAR” – Don Falcon (France)

“Light Show” – Nick Souza (Canada)

“Cala Boca” – B. Magïn (USA)

“Não Dá Mais (ft. MIC)” – ELITE 4K (Portugal)

Best Rock Performance

“Hey God I Am Feeling Better” – John Black Wolf & The Bandits (Portugal)

“In the Middle of the Night” – Nelson Sobral (Canada)

“Terra Água Fogo e Ar” – Duques (Portugal)

“Ba-Love” – We Are Monroe (Canada)

Best Pop Performance

“Amor Ao Longe (ft. Salvador Sobral & MARO)” – Marito Marques (Canada)

“Aurora” – Bruno Correia (Portugal)

“Sing a Sad Song” – Lyia Meta (Malaysia)

“Incerteza” – Bruno Chaveiro (Portugal)

“I’m done” – Ruby Anderson (Canada)

“Dear God” – Mirza Lauchand (Portugal)

Best Performance ‘Música Popular’

“So Querem Tik Tok” – Filipe Sequeira (Portugal)

“Saudades de Portugal” – BandFaith (USA)

“Zé Da Tasca” – Mike da Gaita (Portugal)

“Aventura” – Joey Medeiros (USA)

song of the year

“Estou Bem” – Inês de Vasconcellos (Portugal), written by Capicua & Ricardo Cruz

“Pensamento” – Lookalike (Portugal), written by Lookalike, Tyoz and Isaac Goge

“Bem Estar Interdito” – Cordeone (USA), written by Cordeone

“Amor Ao Longe (ft. Salvador Sobral & MARO)” – Marito Marques (Canada), written by Marito Marques & Paulo Abreu Lima

new talent

Giuliana Amaral (USA)

K45 (USA)

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