Australian music news to follow in November

A lot has happened in the Australian music scene lately.

Between Aussie favorites releasing studio albums, doing headlining tours and even juicy beef, there’s so much you need to know.

We’re heading into the energizing season, so whether you’ve been wanting to see your favorite international artist or find the next soundtrack for your summer, we’ve got you covered below.

Winston Surfshirt Releases Most Collaborative Album Yet

Sydney soul six-piece Winston Surfshirt brings the heat and releases their highly anticipated third album Panna cotta.

Released on November 11, it took a while to get ready and will drop nearly three years since their second studio album.

They slowly but surely fell off beat after beat, and we got all the energy from singles like ‘All Of The Little Things’, ‘Complicated’ and ‘There’s Only One’.

And there has certainly been a collaborative theme emerging through the singles that have already been released.

The band keeps it fresh and the team has teamed up with Genesis Owusu, Young Franco and Milan Ring, in what has been a deliberate attempt to broaden their sound and horizons.

As frontman Winston explains, “I’ve always wanted to work with other artists on records for our own stuff and from the start I had the idea that the next album would be full of collaborations, every song would have a feature, so I started pulling pieces with that intention.

We’ll repeat this one on a loop when it’s loaded from the AUX.

Australia is the summer destination

As soon as it gets warmer, the headlines want to go on.

Can you feel it? It’s in the air of the Australian summer.

The country surely seems like the place to be in November, as we are treated to plenty of tours from pop icons, dance legends and soul groovers.

Three-time Grammy Award winner Dua Lipa brings her refreshing disco-pop sound to our shores for multiple dates in what is sure to be a can’t-miss show.

Credit: PA Images / Alamy

Sam Fender will bring seventeen below down in November as well.

The Geordie singer has released absolute bangers and gained a strong Australian fan base doing so.

As mentioned in our previous guides, man of the moment Steve Lacy will play multiple dates and headline Spilled Milk when out in the Australian summer sun.

UK dance powerhouse Groove Armada will provide all the energy and nostalgic hits as they return to Australia for the first time in 13 years.

Meanwhile, the ever-flowing Channel Tres will also bring their house beats and laid-back vocals across the country.

So much to look forward to!

The 1975 beef with triple j

In juicier news, British rockers The 1975 have been beefed up with the one and only triple j.

Frontman Matty Healy absolutely went to town on the radio station for apparently not supporting their recent album Being funny in a foreign language.

The youth station announced that the band would be coming to Australia to shoot their album, and, well, Healy told them not to go so sweetly to make one.

He first said on Instagram, “Put on our music before you start licking our asses just because you realized we’re mint.”

He then doubled down on Twitter: “You literally had nothing to do with us coming to Australia, don’t start getting involved now.

“You don’t have a monopoly on cool and the head of your company is ak**bhead, so you can give a damn.”

Mallrat calls the ARIA

Nominations for the 2022 ARIAs recently dropped and it’s fair to say singer-songwriter Mallrat wasn’t too happy with the lack of diversity.

She took to Instagram to call out the awards, saying, “F**k the ARIAs, when I looked at the list of nominees this morning my first reaction was to feel personally underappreciated and misunderstood by the fact that my album was snubbed.

“Then I took a deep breath, then I realized it wasn’t about me. About ⅕ of the nominees aren’t male. In categories like heavy rock, there’s no at all from non-male artists.

Credit: @lilmallrat/Instagram
Credit: @lilmallrat/Instagram

“So I’m reminded again that the Australian music industry, like many industries, is dominated by men and in this case, men who don’t think an artist is credible unless they’re acts a nonchalant guy playing guitar/rock. F**k you guys don’t understand.

Mallrat released his commercially successful album Blue Butterfly earlier this year which reached No. 2 on the ARIA Australian Album Charts and for all intents and purposes was a banger of an album.

ARIA responded to her claims by agreeing that women were underrepresented, but claimed that this reflected the way Australians engaged in music.

In a triple J statement, ARIA CEO Annabelle Herd said: “Our mission is to create opportunities for Australian music to be heard by all who create it, if we don’t achieve enough success. for female artists or non-binary artists. we need to tackle this at the source.

“Awards and charts are a reflection of the music released in a year and how engaged Australians are with it, which is why we are lobbying government and industry for change and representation. global systems.”

Flume’s Tour Expands Again

Australia’s leading producer is finally heading home for a string of tour dates and an energetic, cheeky festival at Spilled Milk to sink a few too.

The tour arrives to support his latest album Palace and luckily demand was so high that he added extra performances in Perth and Melbourne.

He will be joined by huge names and collaborators from MAY-A, Vera Blue, Toro y Moi and the aforementioned Channel Tres.

The headline will be a welcome return for the dance legend.

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