Becky Hill Reveals Her Anxiety Issues – Music News

Becky Hill isn’t dealing with her anxiety “very well” at the moment.

The ‘My Heart Goes’ singer admitted she’s been struggling with her mental health right now, and her anxiety is especially heightened right before she releases new music because she’s worried people won’t like her not.

She is quoted by The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column as saying: “I feel very high anxiety before releasing a single.

“I’m afraid people won’t like it and does that mean people won’t like me?

“I don’t check the numbers and I don’t check the stream count, but I’m just grateful after it came out that I had the chance to release a song.”

The BRIT Award winner – who rose to fame after reaching the semi-finals of the first series of ‘The Voice UK’ in 2012 – regularly undergoes therapy and also uses exercise as a remedy whenever she feels anxious .

She added: “You took me to a phase in my life where I don’t deal with my anxiety very well.

“It gets worse as he gets older, but therapy is a great way to combat it.

“I try to hit the gym, but while I’m taking care of my body, I’m also working my brain with therapy, and that’s healthy for everyone.”

Becky – whose latest single is ‘History’ with Joel Corry – doesn’t have to worry about people liking her music as she has earned a number of Top 10 singles, while she holds the record as the only ‘The Voice UK’ contestant to win a No. 1 with ‘Gecko (Overdrive)’ with Oliver Heldens.

Meanwhile, the dance music star previously admitted it’s been “a long job” to gain recognition as an artist.

The British singer opened up about her journey from reality TV contestant to songwriter and now pop singer with a number of hits to her name.

Becky – who was crowned the most streamed British female artist on Spotify UK in 2019 – has opened up about what a tough ride it has been, but she no longer feels like she’s just that person who was on another artist’s song.

She said in 2020: “It’s been a long slog because for so long people didn’t really know my name or my face.

“I had success with songs like ‘Overdrive’, ‘Piece of Me’ and ‘Back and Forth’ but I always felt like I was relatively unknown and the success I was getting on those songs didn’t It wasn’t necessarily my success but the success of whatever track I was on.

“So it’s really nice that actually over the last few years I’ve focused and been able to show people that actually I’ve written all these songs, I write them, I sing them and they all come so that hopefully people will start investing in my career as an artist.”

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