BNB Chain launches campaign to promote NFT music industry

Music NFTs are disrupting the mainstream music industry, helping artists retain ownership of their music and their careers.

Musical NFTs, a new trend?

To promote the NFT music industry more widely to the community, BNB Chain collaborated with ROCKI and Melos Studio to launch the Unleashing Music Mania on BNB Chain campaign.

The total value of the prize in this program can be up to 50,000 BUSD and 4,000 Music NFTs, divided among many activities to increase user experience options for accessing and creating with Music NFTs.


To find out how to participate and qualify for campaign rewards, go here.

“Releasing Music Mania on BNB Chain is just the beginning. It helps users enter the Web3 music sphere. The ultimate goal is to help the music industry welcome billions of users to take advantage of the collaboration of music and blockchain technology by complementing related infrastructure and helping innovative Web3 music projects achieve sustainable growth,” BNB Chain’s development team said in a blog post.

BNB Chain’s latest move shows the Binance exchange’s far-reaching ambitions in music NFTs. A few months ago, Binance became the main tour sponsor of The Weeknd, in partnership with YG Entertainment to promote the NFT market to K-pop and collaborated with Corite to list the NFT “Alan Walker Origins” collection.

Additionally, Binance has also signed a cooperation agreement with the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (Recording Academy) to become the first official crypto partner of the Grammys. The flagship event was updated by BSC News on April 3 and retweeted by Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao to show support for the trend of combining crypto and music.

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