Brendan Maclean lists 5 of his greatest music videos ahead of MELT Festival Brisbane

After performing in a season of ‘Jekyll & Hyde The Musical’ in Sydney, the multi-talented Brendan Maclean will perform a solo show out of character and on piano for the Brisbane MELT Festival.

“Alone At Last” is a setlist of the musician’s finest original music, beautifully paired with selections from shows that have made him a live star over the years. Plus, expect a few stories that are just too naughty to share outside the walls of Brisbane Powerhouse.

Brendan’s breakout single “Stupid” served as his hit, and since then, among other things, he has starred alongside Marcia Hines in “Velvet”, released “EP and/or Album” (Brendan’s Words)” funbang1′, and presented the world with a music video that was hailed by The New Yorker as one of the best of the decade.

Before performing on MELT, and on the topic of music videos, Brendan looks back on five of his biggest hits throughout his career.


“Stupid” (2013). My first collaboration with co-directors Brian & Karl was a one-shot party that quickly descended into chaos. It took three attempts to get it right with an insane amount of hands cleaning up the mess between shots. It was filmed in a former mental asylum in Sydney. I never got to catch up with the actor whose party I’m ruining in the clip, but wherever you are, thanks.

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‘Winner’ (2014). One service is worth another! Another unique shot by Brian & Karl, this time choreographed so the music video can play both forward and backward and make perfect sense – which is a lot harder than you might think given that we had to light an entire stadium upside down. Not doing the final cut is when the oval caught fire from the haze machines – that said, I probably shouldn’t mention where we filmed it.


‘Tectonics’ (2015). Before I started writing music, I was a dancer, so I knew I would eventually have to do a music video where I was pushed to my physical limits. I had seen Josh Harris’ work with other pop musicians, and he knows how to make pop stars look like pop stars. Coco, our choreographer, took home a flurry of awards and I threw up on myself about three hours into filming. Kill.


‘Free to Love’ (2016). This time I wanted something a little more conventional. The only notes I gave returning director Josh Harris were that I needed sexy dancers, hot jumpsuits, and wanted to fly, too. The thread work is much harder on the groin than I expected. It was filmed in Melbourne in one of the state’s many empty factory buildings.


‘House of Air’ (2017). Shot in Camden London, this was my third collaboration with Brian & Karl. Inspired by the 1966 essay Gay Semiotics, he explored the Hanky ​​Code and other gay taxonomies. From the start, it was clear that this movie (and we made it into a movie) had to be explicit – very explicit. We took bets on how many hours it would last on YouTube, but somehow it lasted five days. To this day, I have no idea how it racked up so many views without getting deleted, but eventually it did, but not before the whole world saw me fucking myself. Later, New York Magazine and the Huffington Post declared it one of the “greatest music videos of the decade”, and I agree with them. I’m so proud of this clip, it keeps making me laugh and Harry Clayton-Wright’s performance is breathtaking.

Disclaimer: NSFW.

BRENDAN MACLEAN // Air House (NSFW 18+) of Brian and Carl on Vimeo.

Brendan Maclean’s ‘Alone At Last’ plays Brisbane Powerhouse as part of the MELT Festival from November 24-26.

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