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Celebrate walruses with the music of Marko Polo.

You may be planning to celebrate Turkey Day tomorrow – and of course, the turkey is a noble (and sometimes even tasty) creature. But how do you plan to celebrate walrus?

Yes, in addition to Thanksgiving tomorrow is also World Walrus Day. The World Wildlife Foundation and the Marine Mammal Council celebrated the Tusked Pinniped every November 24 since 2008, hoping to raise awareness of their dwindling numbers. (As the sea ice melts, their migrations lengthen and, in some cases, they come closer to humans, bringing a host of dangers.)

Now local musician Mark Pagano is supporting the cause.

Pagano, who gained a large following for his work with local band Fire Dog, now has a successful solo career as children’s artist Marko Polo. His first album, mammal music, was named Best Children’s Album in this year’s Best of St. Louis issue. He’s been a longtime animal advocate (who doesn’t remember “Master of Hell”, Fire Dog’s Earworms Tribute to Missouri’s Favorite Salamander?) Now his new track as Marko Polo pays homage to walruses.

Pagano says he was inspired by a National Geographic story about walrus song in Alaska. But perhaps because he himself is married to a journalist, he didn’t just steal the magazine’s IP address. Instead, he contacted writer Acacia Johnson for permission to use his prose as lyrics. He quickly gained approval.

“One of my big goals with this article was to educate people about walruses,” Johnson said in a prepared statement. “So I was totally in favor of the song!”

You can now stream “The Walrus Sings” on SoundCloud. And maybe use this Turkey Day to educate your family about a creature that, like turkeymay sound simple, but sings beautifully.

As for Pagano, he is currently working with so-called “kindie” artists (kid + indie, understood?) on a “water-themed album” planned for next summer. Because you’re never too young to start caring about marine life – and never too young to embrace local indie music.

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