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Nourishing acts are different for everyone and each sign has a different way of reaching this energy into their life. A Mercury-ruled Moon sign, like a Virgo or a Gemini Moon, needs more mental release to feel nurtured. These moon signs tend to be more in their heads than their hearts, and finding ways to understand their emotional world is key to healing it. However, an emotional Water Moon sign like a Scorpio or a Pisces Moon needs to find ways to release their heavy emotions and connect more with reality and the beauty around them.

Your moon sign is where you want to go to understand your emotions and how you work through them. If you’ve ever wondered why someone acts the way they do emotionally when you handle things in a completely different way, take a look at your moon signs and their compatibility. Someone’s love language and food experience can be completely different from yours and there is no one way to nurture yourself and your life.

By diving deep into the different moon signs in astrology, you can discover which self-care and nurturing acts are most beneficial and supportive to you.


With an Aries Moon, exercise is a great way to regulate and nurture your emotional world. When you can get out of the house, do something exciting, and get your body moving, you feel like a whole new person. With an Aries Moon, activity is important to you so your emotions don’t feel bottled up and ready to burst at any moment. You have a lot of emotional energy inside you and you need to find ways to release it. Having a daily routine, ritual, or exercise that lets you decompress and open up does wonders for your heart.


Having a Moon in Taurus means that food, comfort, and security are very important to you in life. To nourish yourself, you need to feel good from the inside out. Things like self-care days, spa days, and taking time to pamper yourself work wonders for you emotionally. To feel nurtured in life, you need to be around people who help you get there, and if you’re not in supportive or safe environments, you won’t feel good. For you, it’s about spoiling yourself or letting another person take care of you.

Meditation does wonders for the soul of the Gemini Moon.

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Gemini Moons is all about mental decompression when it comes to food. Meditation works wonders for your soul because it allows you to fully connect with what’s going on in your head, which directly correlates to your emotional world. As a Gemini Moon, you’re not the most emotional Moon sign, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need nourishment and care like everyone else. Meditation, sound baths, journaling your thoughts, or reading a book are all beneficial ways for you to nurture yourself that matches who you are and what you need.


As a Cancer Moon, you were born with nurturing energy. Cancer is the perfect sign for the Moon, as it is the ruler of Cancer and feels at home here. Food means everything to you in life and if you don’t feel food in your life, it can manifest outwardly as chaotic energy. For you, acts of nutrition involve being at home, in your safe spaces, and around your family or loved ones. You like to feel needed and valued, and being around people who offer this equal reciprocity makes you feel stable. Connect with a loved one to reconnect to what food means to you.

A Leo Moon can paint or create art as a means of nourishment.

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Being a creative and daring soul, food for a Leo Moon is about illuminating who sparkles within you. When you don’t feel the food in your life, it’s usually because you don’t feel seen or heard. For a Moon in Leo, your emotions are at the forefront and you want to be recognized for how you feel. Having creative outlets where you can express yourself and how you feel means everything to you, and self-expression is how you feel nurtured. To tap into the nourishing energy of your life, have fun, dance, paint, create or admire art, and repeat some self-love rituals that remind you how much you are truly loved.


A Virgo Moon is not for the faint of heart. Your energy flows mentally, which can be confusing with the Moon involved, as the Moon is about your emotions and your heart. To feel nurtured in your life, you need balance, release, and receptivity. Keeping a journal of your thoughts, writing daily thank you notes, meditating, and listening to soothing music can help you feel at peace. Writing down your thoughts is essential for a Virgo Moon because it helps you see how you really feel when your mind tends to keep you from understanding your emotions because it likes to rationalize and organize. Meditate on this, Virgo Moon.

Clean space is nurturing space for a Libra Moon.

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As a Libra Moon, connection is something that makes you feel deeply nurtured in life. You often see yourself in another and you are sort of a mirror for others in life. You match the vibe of those around you, which can be good if their vibe is positive, but not so good if someone is spiraling around you. To nourish yourself, you need to assess your body and your emotional world and see if what you are feeling is truly yours or someone else’s problems. For you, it is important to clear your space and your body and to protect your energy so that you can be in a clear space to feel love and nourishment in your life.


With a Scorpio Moon, your energy and emotions are often heightened. You feel everything deeply and you need a trusted guide to help you understand everything that is going on inside. Tapping into your higher self and receiving intuitive guidance is essential to feeling internally connected and at peace in your life. Pull out a tarot card, see what the stars are doing, or hire a trusted psychic or astrologer to help you reconnect to your spirituality. When you feel aligned spiritually, you feel good emotionally, and the nourishment for you is connecting to your inner guide.

A Moon in Sagittarius wants to explore the world and connect with nature.

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As a Sagittarius Moon, you are an adventurous soul. When you can explore the world around you, travel, and get out of your head, you feel aligned with what food means to you. This does not mean that you should escape your emotions and not manage them completely, but go on a new adventure or a new journey with the intention of freeing yourself, better understanding your emotions and connecting with your inner self. ; you can make significant progress on your journey. Go on a spiritual retreat, take the vacation you’ve been wanting to take, experience a new culture or religion, and align with your spirit.


A Capricorn Moon needs a lot of nourishment in life, but you may never admit that to anyone. You prefer to handle emotional things in private, and you’re not necessarily the only one letting others know when you’re hurting or needing nourishment in your life. However, being vulnerable, asking for help, and allowing someone to help you get better can be life changing. Talking to a therapist, a friend, or even logging your thoughts in a journal can be a place of deep nourishment for you. Being an Earth Moon sign, getting out into nature, and doing grounding rituals are also very good for you and your energy.

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Aquarius Moons are more in their head than in their heart. That’s not a bad thing, but when it comes to understanding what it takes to feel nurtured in your life, all that mental energy can get in the way of healing and regulating your emotions. Bringing food into your life is about getting out of your head and into your heart. Take the time to listen to your emotions without judgment or attachment, to understand what you need. Give yourself some time each day to tap into your emotional world and how your heart is doing, take intentional action on what it needs, and release the rest.


As a Pisces Moon, you understand emotions more than most. You are very in tune with your heart and everything that is going on inside. However, this energy can feel overwhelming at times if you don’t have positive ways to release and regulate yourself here. For you, a sense of longing takes you to a nurturing place in your life. Watching your favorite movie, reading your favorite book, creating art, and healing your inner child are all ways to feel nurtured in your life. When emotions run high and life feels too much to handle, visualize yourself as a child and ask yourself what you need right now.

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