Danny Gokey unveils 2 new music videos in 1 week

A Christian artist is on a roll, dropping one music video after another.

Videos with two different tones are shared by Christian artist Danny Gokey. Within a week, Gokey released two music videos, sharing them with his fans.

Joined by Angie Rose, the last video to be released was for the duo’s song Do for love.

“It was so fun to collaborate with the amazing @angierosemusik – such an atmosphere. I pray the song is a reminder of all that God has done and will do because of His great love for you!” Gokey tweeted.

The video was released Thursday evening.

A few days earlier on Monday, Gokey released a video for Stand In Faith. The video features a man mourning the loss of a loved one, moving on with his life. The video follows the guests of a restaurant and the acts of kindness that take place inside the building. Since its release, it has had over 85,000 views.

The videos come two weeks ahead of Gokey’s new album, ‘Jesus People’. In the past four weeks, he has posted four new videos.

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