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Independent (label)

November 21, 2022 (published)


Dave Jordan was once noticed with his band The NIA, but he’s actually been playing in and around New Orleans for almost 30 years. He is a regular at venues such as Tipitinas and the Maple Leaf and has won numerous awards and finalists for Roots/Rock artists and albums.

I must say that the album fascinated me from the start. He has a lazy drawl and the music sways slowly in a way that only New Orleans can deliver. It works brilliantly as is, but if it was brought up in tempo a bit it would work just as well.
It’s one of those albums that is deceptively easy to listen to and I must say it made me smile when I listened for the third, fourth and fifth time and pressed the reading for the sixth time.

Musically, you get classic New Orleans Cajun-flavored roots mixed with sweet country. The album was produced by Anders Olsen (who also played guitar) with George Porter Jr on bass, Chad Cromwell on drums and Rurik Nolan on violin but that only adds to the quality. The strength is in the songs – the writing, the integrity and the way the material feels both familiar and new. His tribute to John Prine, “Pink Supermoon” as well as the brilliant Stones-esque “Gone Again” are absolute.

I’ve been listening to a lot of great roots music this year, but this album is definitely my pick for best of the year. An absolute delight from start to finish.

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