Diplo awarded $1.2 million in restraining order breach case – Reuters

Diplo has been awarded more than $1.2m (£1.1m) after a woman he accused of harassment allegedly breached his restraining order.

The DJ won a case against a woman he allegedly harassed after a sexual relationship that ended in 2020.

According to Pitchfork, the woman got a temporary restraining order against Diplo – whose real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz – in November 2020 and he got the same order against her the following month.

In January 2021, the couple signed a double restraining order, which Diplo accused the woman of violating during their recent hearing.

Diplo called an arbitration hearing against the woman, who remained anonymous in court papers. After the hearing, the arbitrator recommended that the Los Angeles Superior Court award the musician more than $1.2 million in damages, fees, costs and expenses. A court judge has yet to approve the monetary award.

In a statement to TMZ, Diplos attorney Bryan Freedman said, “We are all extremely happy for Wes and his family. What happened here is simple. The arbitrator has reviewed all of the facts. She assessed the evidence impartially. And justice prevailed.”

Diplo and the woman each have separate pending lawsuits filed against each other.

In his lawsuit, Diplo accused the woman of stalking, trespassing and revenge pornography, while the woman accused Diplo of sexual assault and gender-based violence in hers.

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