Director Freshteh joins A Fresh Face in Hell for commercials and music videos

Commercial production company A Fresh Face in Hell, with offices in Seattle and Los Angeles, has signed director Freshteh for spots and music videos in the United States. This is the first performance on a list of American production houses for the Iranian-born, Australian-educated Swedish director. It continues to be picked up in the UK by Park Village and was previously handled in Sweden through B-Reel Films.

Freshteh began her film career in Stockholm as a casting director and quickly became known for her ability to tap into youth culture. As a director, Freshteh fused the urgency of her casting with her art school background to create a uniquely quirky aesthetic. Jason Botkin, Owner and Managing Director of Fresh Face, said of Freshteh, “His directing style has always been distinguished by its boldness yet intimacy. It was exciting to watch her evolve from the brutality of her early documentary work into a more sophisticated visual palette. Helping him develop his storytelling voice is a collaboration that I look forward to.

Freshteh speaks four languages, is a choreographer, published writer, well-known DJ, activist and surfing ace. Sweden’s Roy Awards business competition awarded Freshteh its first-ever “Sweden’s Bravest Female Director” accolade in 2019. Her work has been featured in trade press and was chosen by Vimeo staff. Freshteh has also been Free The Work’s Scandinavian ambassador for two years.

Freshteh said of his new roost in the United States, “Jason and his team are the inspiring kind, throwing off creative hurdles while pushing innovation in a way few production companies do. It motivates me to About our future work together. I never touch anything I don’t believe in and I’m all into it! A killer match made in the right kind of hell.

Freshteh will be represented in the US market by the A Fresh Face in Hell sales team consisting of Brooke Covington and Larisa Peters at RC&Company on the West Coast, Chiara Chung at CCCo. in the Midwest, and Anna Rotholz of Anna Rotholz Management on the East Coast.

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