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Dolly Parton no longer intends to tour.

The “Jolene” singer – who will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Nov. 5 – doubts she’ll ever hit the road again for a “full-fledged tour.”

The 76-year-old country superstar told Pollstar: “I don’t think I’ll be touring again, but I know I’ll do some special gigs here and there from time to time. Maybe do a long weekend of shows, or just a few shows at a festival. But I don’t intend to do a full-fledged tour anymore.

Dolly thought she had spent ‘her whole life’ traveling to perform, but now wants to ‘stay a little closer to home’ with husband Carl Dean, who she married in 1966.

She said: ‘I’ve been doing this all my life, and it takes so much time and energy. I like to stay a little closer to home with my husband [Carl Dean]. We’re getting old now, and I don’t want to be gone four or five weeks in a row. Something could happen. I wouldn’t feel good if I was gone and someone needed me. Or I would feel bad if I had to leave a tour if someone got sick at home and needed me and then I had to leave the fans.

The Grammy winner – who also has a side career as a child literacy advocate with her charity, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library – wants to collaborate with ’70s rock gods Jimmy Page and Robert Plant on her bluegrass album inspired by Led Zeppelin.

Dolly said, “But I’m going to do this again really for the money. I did it a bit bluegrass style when I did it; but when I do the rock album, I’m actually going to re-record it – and do it more faithfully to the usual album. I’m trying to see if Robert Plant could sing on it. Maybe Jimmy Page could do the pickup part on it. I can’t wait to bring some of the great classics, girls and boys, to sing on some songs. I’m not advanced enough to discuss who and what, but I will make an album.

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