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Outlaw (label)

February 25, 2022 (published)

1 hour

They Bailey has been around for a few years now, and the last couple has been pretty good to her.
Two highly acclaimed albums, a highly-received cover album, sold-out shows nationwide, 3 UK Blues Awards and one UK Americana Award, collaborations with the Muscle Shoals Illuminati as well as Tamara Stewart and, more recently some singles that got serious airplay on Planet Rock and BBC R2.

So this album is important.
It could be the album that propels her to the next level of success or the album that keeps her as “Prospect”.

Cut to the chase, IMHO, she absolutely kills him. The songs are strong, his voice is powerful and smoky, and his band is on fire, especially guitarist Joe Wilkins.

Due to the global lockdown she couldn’t travel to Nashville to record like she did for ‘Road I Call Home’ but the level of this album is at least as good as in the past and her songs are stronger, more shadows and light and some beautiful melodies.

The opening ‘Cheats And Liars’ is a strong kick to the politicians who have promised so much on music support and delivered so little. But she succeeds in such a way that the song ultimately remains listenable. This leads to a belt “The Game”, with a high tempo and more assertive voice, Jonny Henderson delivering a great murmuring Hammond sound and Joe’s guitar riff really direct and strong.
Throughout, the songs tumble, natural and suggestive of a songwriter who has found a voice as well as the confidence to say what she believes in.

There are highlights – “Colours Start To Run” has a country/soul feel and great backing vocals as well as the strongest bass line on the album.
‘Halfway House’ is a beautiful breaking ballad, it arrived brilliantly live and it stops you in your tracks. After last year’s Song of the Year at the British Americana Awards for ‘Little Piece Of Heaven’, this one might be next.
The single “Sunshine City” was one of my favorites of the year and went to number 1 five weeks in a row on Planet Rock radio. It only gets better with more plays.

But there is no weak song here. Each track could be a hit single, but put together they make a really good album.

They Bailey is getting better and better and it’s done with great songs and performances – top stuff.

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