Emerging sensation TELUGU POP/ROCK is taking the Indian music industry by storm!

November 17: Independent Indian pop/rock music composer RAJMAN takes over the Indian music industry in bursts with his outlandish hits like YETO VEECHE GAALI, YOU, SWEETHEART, PAL, AASA & GIRL. Since his first official release, “MANASU” in 2020. RAJMAN has become a household name among Indian music listeners, especially in Telugu speaking states (AP and Telangana).

His latest hit single, “YETO VEECHE GAALI” has gone viral and created buzz in the Indian music industry since its release in October 2022. The groovy rock riff music video featuring his band has been new age music for the gen-Z and trending generation with over 0.6 million views on YouTube so far.

While her song with the classic rock riff “YOU” has over 1 million views, another hit single GIRL has over 0.5 million views on YouTube.

His first Hindi song “PAL” (2021) based on the pandemic situation was very popular in the northern states of INDIA with more than 0.25 million views on YouTube. His other songs YOU & GIRL, MANASU, NAA ANUKSHANAMULO (2020) & AASA, PAL, (2021) have been performed in several reality shows, fashion shows and award ceremonies.

Another hit single AAKASAME HADDUGA by RAJMAN was composed for the Telugu Association of Australia (TAAI) based on 30 years of TAAI.

RAJMAN Composer and sound engineer of single “YOU” has released 9 songs so far and already has a staggering 3 million views across all platforms with thousands of fans and followers for his catchy music. He has lit up his name globally with his viral hit singles and music videos since the release of his debut single. Passionate about music since childhood and performed in various ROCK outfits in INDIA & AUSTRALIA, this Australian NRI comeback has always believed in his musical creations and his beliefs have made him an unstoppable and bubbling phenomenon in the Indian music industry.

RAJMAN graduated from SAE (School Of Audio Engineering & Music) in Melbourne, Australia. In his vastness of experience he has performed and worked with famous mainstays like Mani Sharma, MM Keeravani, RP Patnaik, Chandra Bose, Bhuvana Chandra, Parthu Nemani, Mallikarjun, James Woodcock, Richard Pike, Hack Wanger, Dorian Phallic. In a nutshell, Rajman is a very gifted musician backed by a wealth of experience and the ability to mesmerize his audience. His general empiricism embellished his natural ability to bring together a unique ‘sui generis’ style that suits multiple musical genres blended with culture, sensibilities and tastes that evolve into soothing music for the ears, heart and soul. .

RAJMAN’s unparalleled compositional skills not only encouraged him to be counted among India’s new age music composers but also won him many renowned and distinguished awards from Western Arts Academy, Grooves Media, PSR and TAAI. His song YOU was nominated to air on SONDGEW TV and also featured on Suman TV.

Today, millions of people fondly listen to RAJMAN’s music and endeavor to watch the videos on YouTube and other social media platforms. RAJMAN, who has risen to prominence with his great New-Age music and thinks he is just getting started and still has a long way to go from there.

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