I want the movie industry to enjoy the same grace as the music industry – Lydia Forson

Actress Lydia Forson wants to see the Ghanaian film industry benefit from the grace currently enjoyed by the music industry.

Speaking to Ibrahim Ben-Bako of Joy Prime at the VGMA on Saturday, she said she was optimistic that the film industry can achieve the same as it has been a good year for Ghanaian music on the world front.

“I was just remembering and thinking how far Ghanaian music had come, and I was literally like, ‘you know what, I want the same thing for Ghanaian film.’ It has been a great year so far for Ghanaian music,” said Lydia Forson.

“That’s how powerful we are when we come together and believe in ourselves,” she added.

The actress went on to mention the names of some Ghanaian musicians who trended globally during the year.

“We have the Black Sheriff trend; we have the Cammidoh trend; we have Kelvin Boy and so many other Ghanaian artists who have moved on the global front, not to mention the women Cina Soul, Adina and Sefa; they are all doing great,” she noted.

Lydia Forson has congratulated reggae/dancehall band Stonebwoy on signing their Def Jam record and called on Ghanaians to support them.

“We can only move forward, and I really feel like a lot has to do with the people of Ghana really believing in our artists and pushing us out there,” she said.

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