Janet Jackson Doesn’t Like Flaunting Her Awards E! News UK

Janet Jackson keeps her awards in a warehouse because she doesn’t like displaying them in her home.

The Together Again singer has won five Grammys, 11 Billboard Music Awards, 11 American Music Awards and nine MTV Video Music Awards during her career – but you wouldn’t know she earned all those accolades if you visited her.

“I’ve never been that person to lay out my awards. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just not me,” she told Essence magazine. “If you came to my house, you’d never know – if you didn’t know who I was – that I’m an artist. I don’t have an award on my wall.”

She explained that she kept them in a warehouse and kept them for her five-year-old son, Eissa, to decide what he wanted to do with them.

The 56-year-old revealed that some of her awards only came out of the warehouse when she dated record producer and songwriter Jermaine Dupri between 2002 and 2009.

“I remember when Jermaine and I were together, he was like, ‘Where are your Grammys? Why don’t you have your Grammys?’ So I brought them in, because he wanted them out, so that’s what I did. Just the Grammys, nothing else,” she recalled. “After we parted ways, they went back into the warehouse and haven’t come out since.”

Janet explained that her definition of success is not the accolades and what matters most is how her music touches people and “impacts their lives”.

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