John Osborne and Lucie Silvas are expecting twins

John Osborne and his wife Lucie Silvas are expecting twins conceived through in vitro fertilization.

The Osborne Brothers guitarist and singer-songwriter revealed to People on Wednesday ahead of the 2022 CMA Awards that they are expecting their first children. Lucie, John’s wife, is pregnant with twins.

The couple told People the twins are due in the spring of 2023.

John, 40, and Lucie, 45, married in 2015, with Lucie sharing that the couple tried to engineer a “very long and difficult journey with IVF to get to this point”.

Lucie said she underwent an embryo transfer in which two embryos were transferred at a time to improve their chances of conceiving.

“We have two,” she said in her Wednesday interview. “I think deep down we were hoping for two.”

She continued: “We are so excited… It’s so amazing to be in this position to grow two babies.

“When you think you might never have the chance to have kids and suddenly you’re going to have two, it’s unbelievable.”

Following the pregnancy announcement, John and Lucie shared screenshots on each of their Instagram Stories, captioning the photo, “It’s official!”

John and Lucie met during a songwriting session in 2007 and worked together while becoming romantic.

“I wasn’t there to write a song as much as I was there to meet Lucie and kind of not get a complete ass,” John recalled of the session in a 2016 interview with The Bluegrass Situation, via Us Weekly. “It wasn’t even about the song. I had ulterior motives.”

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