Jonathan Davis thinks the music industry no longer values ​​talent; here’s why

Jonathan Davis made no secret of his opinion of the music industry in a recent interview, revealing that the music scene no longer values ​​artists’ talents.

Along with Evanescene singer Amy Lee, the two spoke to Interview Magazine to discuss all things music.

The conversation about talent in the music industry began when the Korn frontman complimented the singer’s cover of a song, saying he was stingy whenever he complimented other people.

He noted that he was “into talent” but that the music scene “has moved to a place where talent doesn’t matter. It’s about the talent of the engineer to fake everything”. (via Loudwire)

Amy Lee seemed to agree with Davis’ sentiments as she noted that a lot of people only see personalities rather than real talent because of the new generation.

“It’s more about a personality than the song itself. I saw their Instagram, but what is their music? What does it mean to you? But I don’t want to be the person elderly complaining,” she added.

The Evanescence singer added that they are both purists and their opinions are valid. Davis concluded his thoughts by saying that it’s “cool” that the public enjoys the music and that’s all that matters.

Lee later noted that she was excited about the music scene because of “a lot of good things”, especially in the world of heavy rock which continues to grow and expand over the years.

She’s also looking forward to seeing the opening lineup for their tour, as there would be multiple bands instead of just one, which she calls a “great combination of cool things.”

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Korn’s Jonathan Davis and Evanescence’s Amy Lee collaborate on stage

Many fans were thrilled after Davis and Lee collaborated onstage on the first show of their headlining tour.

According to the outlet, the two bands performed at the Ball Arena in Denver, Colorado a few days ago, where Korn performed over 16 songs.

The rock band included two tracks from their recent album “Requiem,” including their debut performance of “Idiosyncrasy.”

They also performed “Spike in My Veins” for the first time in seven years.

During the final song, many were surprised to see Lee and Davis swap lines for the song “Freak on a Leash”.

Their next show will be at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater in Maryland Heights, Missouri on August 18.

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