Les Libertines have been working on new music in Jamaica – Music News

The Libertines have been working on new music in Jamaica.

Pete Doherty has confirmed that he and his colleague Carl Barat are in the Caribbean to work on some tracks for an upcoming album.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz and bringing the media together at the 2022 AIM Independent Music Awards on Wednesday (28.09.22), Pete said: “We’ve just been in Jamaica, me and Carl, and we have a new album on the way.”

Pete has revealed he’s had a ‘productive’ summer working on new material ahead of the rockers’ long-awaited fourth studio album – which performed on the way back from the ceremony at London’s Roundhouse in Camden.

Asked about what he had been doing over the summer months, he said, “It’s been pretty productive. I’m just trying to write some new songs.”

Pete opened up on the special Margate Bandstand show the band played last month to kick off and revealed the gig was poignant as The Libertines mark 20 years since the release of their debut album ‘Up The Bracket”.

The 43-year-old musician said: “It was a bit chaotic that day. We were just happy to get permission from the local council to play because we had been trying for ages. In the end we had to compromise and we had to do it at four o’clock.”

Pete added: “I’ve spent many nights sitting with my guitar and my dog ​​on that bandstand, so it was special to play the full set.”

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