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Lil Nas X wants his fans to know he’s mean and mean after a story was told about him doing something nice.

Want to pop shared a fan’s story about meeting the rapper at the VMAs over the weekend. The person identifies as someone working “low-level in the entertainment industry” who got not-so-good tickets to the ceremony.

The person left after Nicki Minaj made due to the “long drive home”, but the Prudential Center elevator accidentally threw them on the wrong floor, which they assume is a “high security” area.

“Lil Nas X appeared out of nowhere as I was trying to find the exit,” the fan story continues. “I’m a shy person so it took me a long time to approach him and I didn’t want to be boring, but it’s my birthday and this opportunity seemed once in a lifetime.”

The fan recalled, “I said (awkwardly) ‘Montero?’ He said ‘yeah?’ I said ‘I’m not supposed to be here, I’m sorry but can I take a picture with you?’ He said with a laugh, “Yeah, but tell me I look classy.” (He was in his VMAs outfit.)”

The fan praised Lil Nas X and the two posed for the photo, but the Grammy winner “suggested changing the lighting to make the photos look better.”

“It was really fun. We took lots of cute pictures,” the fan added, calling the “Industry Baby” rapper “really nice.”

Lil Nas X caught wind of the story and retweeted on his page. “Not true,” he wrote, “I’m very mean in person. I once slapped a fan for singing the industry baby lyrics wrong.”

He also jokingly shared an image of a person praying and wrote, “When you beat the cuteness claims.”

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