Little Simz Teases Possibility of Writing New Music E! News UK

Little Simz teased the possibility of working on new music.

The 28-year-old musician – whose fourth album ‘Sometimes I Might Be Introvert’ won this year’s Mercury Prize – admitted fans can expect new material “eventually”, but she still remains coy.

When Rolling Stone magazine asked her if she was writing any new material, she laughed, “It’s possible. There will be more to come eventually.”

Little Simz insisted she wanted to keep her plans to herself for now.

She explained: “I’m a public figure, in a way, but I’m a private person. I also think people appreciate mystery.

“You don’t have to share everything, you know? Or you stagger. I might share things that I’m going through now 20 years from now.”

The star is also focusing on her acting ambitions, having previously played Shelley in Netflix’s ‘Top Boy’ revival along with other projects.

She added, “For me, the idea is to be stretched out and not repetitive.”

Last month, Little Simz triumphed at the Mercury Prize ceremony and admitted the award left her “humbled”.

She tweeted at the time: “Incredibly grateful and humbled. A crazy journey. Thanks for the love, still being processed so I don’t have many words but from the bottom of my heart thank you.”

Earlier this year, the singer and rapper was forced to postpone her US tour due to financial issues.

She explained: “I take my live shows seriously and I would like to give you nothing but the best of me.

“As an independent artist, I pay out of pocket for everything that encompasses my live performances and touring the United States for a month would leave me in a huge deficit.

“As much as it hurts me not to see you right now, I’m just not able to put myself through this mental stress.

“It’s important to me to speak my truth about this and be honest. I appreciate the love and excitement you feel to see me live. Rest assured I’ll be here soon, back bigger and better.”

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