Music Industry Joint Statement of Recognition

Today, the music industry’s review of sexual harms, sexual harassment and systemic discrimination, Raising Their Voices, was released.

The report provides a blueprint for how we can act to make the music industry safer, more inclusive, more respectful and ultimately stronger. The report is based on solid evidence, drawing on a survey of almost 1,300 people and the stories of more than 300 people in the music industry who spoke or wrote directly to the review team. .

As leaders of Australia’s contemporary music industry, we accept the distressing conclusions of the review. We acknowledge the harm documented by the review and we apologize.

This review has been a vital process of listening and truth. We thank all participants for their courage to speak up, to courageously relive their experiences, and to engage in this critical report. We recognize the impact of these behaviors on the lives of victim-survivors in our industry.

Everyone has the right to work in an environment free from intimidation, sexual harassment, sexual assault and discrimination. As disturbing and confronting as the results are, the Australian music industry is committed to change and rebuilding trust. The music industry should – and will – foster safe, welcoming, respectful, creative and fun environments.

We have listened and heard your calls for change. We can and will continue to do better. We all can.

As leaders and members of the music community, we all have a responsibility to be an example of courageous leadership and do our best to stop bad and destructive behavior. We implore everyone in the music industry to continue to work with us to implement long-term, sustainable change for the better. We all have a personal and professional responsibility to make our culture the best it can be.

We are committed to working on the report’s recommendations, doing the necessary work and being accountable, to ensure that our industry is a safe, inclusive and respectful workplace. Our work has already begun, and it won’t stop until we have a safe culture for all.

Read the report here:


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