Music Industry Kentuckians Remember Loretta Lynn

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) – Loretta Lynn was a Kentucky icon. Kentuckians who work in the music industry say his influence on the industry is immeasurable. Tonight, they reflect on what it means to them and to so many others.

It’s hard to sum up a legend like Loretta Lynn, but if you had to, it might be how Deidre Ransdell puts it.

“Loretta Lynn is country music’s most well-known star,” Ransdell said.

Ransdell is the program director for Lexington country music station K 92.9.

“Her story may be deeply rooted in Eastern Kentucky and it may be deeply rooted in country music, but the songs she sang and the topics she discussed with other people are not only country. They’re real. They’re stories of people and it transcends all genres. It crosses all boundaries,” Ransdell said.

Lynn covered topics few others would. Several of his songs have been banned for being too controversial, such as “The Pill”, a song celebrating birth control. Ransdell said Lynn’s words meant the world to women who felt invisible.

“She gave you a voice. You may be going through the same thing and you feel like you’re locked in. You feel like you have nowhere to go. You can’t even talk about it with your family because it’s taboo,” Ransdell said. said.

“‘The Pill’ came out in crazy times and for her to put it on the radio, it took a lot of courage. I always think of her as being some kind of trailblazer who pushed and set the bar,” said country JD Shelburne, musical artist, graduate of the University of Kentucky and originally from Kentucky. “It’s hard to believe she’s from the same state as us, being from Kentucky means even more to know that her roots began where ours began.”

Shelburne said Lynn’s career was an inspiration to artists in the industry.

“A lot of country music died today. It was a sad time to reflect and reflect on what it meant to me as an artist from Kentucky,” he said.

Ransdell says there will never be another Loretta Lynn, but there are plenty of younger generations ready to take up Lynn’s torch and run.

“I’m thinking first and foremost of Miranda Lambert. She’s very good at speaking her mind. It doesn’t always have to be popular. Maren Morris does a great job with that too, assuming a leadership role. You don’t always win friends when you do that, but sometimes you discuss the things that need to be discussed,” she said. “Then you have, of course, a contemporary of Loretta Lynn, you have Dolly Parton, who is such a gem of country music. Her legacy is just as important as Loretta Lynn’s, and just as impressive, and loving, and generous. You have Reba McEntire, Trisha Yearwood, so many people who have taken on these leadership roles,”

Along with her number one hits and industry accolades, Ransdell says Lynn will be remembered for her impact on everyone in the country music world.

“Her songs will stand the test of time and it’s definitely a legacy, but also her kindness and her love for everyone. It’s a beautiful thing. She was an amazing woman with such talent, so strong , so determined and so focused and a loving leader of her family,” Ransdell said.

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