Nashville music industry meets twice to honor Jordan Davis

Pictured (LR, back row): Mike Sistad (ASCAP), Spencer Nohe (Warner Chappell), Chris Van Belkom (Combustion), Lee Krabel (SMACKSONGS), Shannan Hatch (SESAC), Courtney Crist (Anthem), Gilles Godard (Anthem), Troy Tomlinson (Universal Publishing), Mike Dungan (UMG Nashville), Noah Dewey (Anthem), Blain Rhodes (The Tape Room), Chris Farren (Combustion). (LR, front row): Josh Jenkins, Jordan Davis, Luke Bryan, Matt Jenkins, Jacob Davis. Photo: Larry McCormack

Some of Music Row’s biggest and brightest musicians were at the Tailgate Brewery in Nashville’s Germantown neighborhood on Monday, October 3, to celebrate a few Jordan Davis‘ recent No. 1. The MCA artist, along with his co-writers, were honored for ‘Slow Dance In A Parking Lot’ and ‘Buy Dirt’, both topping the charts.

Organized by ASCAP Mike Sistad, the celebration began with “Slow Dance In A Parking Lot,” which rose to the top of country radio in tandem with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The song was written in 2014 by Davis and lonnie fowlerwhich rang in its first No. 1 with the track, and was produced by Paul Di Giovanni.

musical anthem Noah Dewey kicked off, thanking everyone who took the song to the top. It was followed by Warner Chappell’s Spencer Nohe who adored Lonnie, noting that he was “an incredibly talented songwriter of timeless songs”. Whitt Jeffords of Amylase Music then took the mic, explaining that the song has stood the test of time from its origin to its journey to No. 1.

When Mike Dungan, chairman and CEO of UMG Nashville, came to the fore, he began his presentation by shouting, “I love Jordan Davis! which earned a round of applause in approval. He then explained that even though it hadn’t been officially certified yet, the guys were going to receive 2 platinum plaques for the success of the song.

“The truth is, it’s not officially certified,” admitted Mike. “We have an audit issue so it will be certified in 15 minutes, but we’re still celebrating! We’re really proud of this record and really proud of you, Jordan.

The writers took over from there.

Pictured (LR): Mike Sistad (ASCAP), Spencer Nohe (Warner Chappell), Lonnie Fowler, Jordan Davis, Whit Jefferds (Amylase), Noah Dewey (Anthem) and Mike Dungan (UMG). Photo: Larry McCormack

Jordan mentioned the giant leaps “Slow Dance In A Parking Lot” had to take to reach the top, while bragging about his team MCA Nashville. “MCA Nashville is the best there,” he noted. “It’s as much up to you as it is to me and Lonnie.”

He also took the crowd back to the day the song was written, explaining how special the song was. “It will always be one of my favorite songs I’ve ever released because, like any song I’ve released, I go back to the day we wrote it. I remember that more just stuff that follows, even if it’s so damn cute, ”he shared, beaming in front of the packed house.

Lonnie closed things off at the first of the celebrations. Since it was his first No. 1, he prepared a few pages of notes, joking that he’d had enough time to think about what he wanted to say since he wasn’t sure this party would ever happen. He first thanked God for the gift of music, as well as his family and, of course, Jordan. “Thank you Jordan for bringing your gift of phrasing, imagery and lyrical swagger to the room that day,” he said with a laugh. “He has a way of saying things that is all Jordan and no one else.”

Listing the rest of the team tasked with bringing the song to life and sharing it around the world, he concluded by recalling when he got the call that it was likely going to top the charts.

“When I got the call that it looked like the song was going to hit number 1, I was standing in a good friend’s backyard in East Nashville watching the entire floor of his house following of the tornado. In the weeks that followed, the world went dark and that’s when the song hit No. 1,” Lonnie recalled. “It was definitely a tough time to celebrate a great career success as a result of those two things. For a long time I didn’t know if I would get the chance to celebrate with someone in person, but here it is. It is happening. Thank you all for coming, coming and making the most of this special day.

Pictured (LR): Jordan Davis, Mike Dungan (President and CEO, UMG Nashville), Luke Bryan, Cindy Mabe (President, UMG Nashville). Photo: Larry McCormack. Photo: Larry McCormack

Next, it was time to honor “Buy Dirt,” which is nominated for CMA Song and Single of the Year. The Jordan Davis and Luke Bryan duet, written by two pairs of brothers—Jordan, Jacob Davis, Josh Jenkins and Matt Jenkins– also won NSAI Song of the Year last month.

the SESAC Shannan Outbreak kicked things off, touting Josh’s accomplishments over the past few years – this is his first No. 1. Troy Tomlinson of UMPG praised all four writers, as well as producer Paul DiGiovanni for his “less is more” mentality to let the voice shine. He also announced that UMPG would make a contribution to MusiCares on behalf of writers to help those with mental and emotional health issues.

Anthem’s Noah Dewey returned to the mic, explaining that the group of four best friends had kindly named themselves the Dream Team. Lee Krabel of SmackSongs followed, shining the spotlight directly on Josh, saying, “It’s hard to imagine a better partner as a publisher. Josh is incredibly talented, but he has this energy and positivity that permeates throughout the office. I don’t think Smack would look the same if we hadn’t signed him seven years ago.

Spencer Nohe of Warner Chappell also returned, saying Jordan was “exactly why [he] got into this business”, praising him for his career as a songwriter. Blaine Rhodes from Tape Room Music also echoed everyone’s feelings of pride for the song. burning music Chris Faren spoke about Matt’s career and thanked the Universal team and his Combustion team.

Mike Dungan returns once again to the front of the stage, this time with some numbers regarding the success of the song. He noted that “Buy Dirt” was one of the top five most-streamed songs for two consecutive years – in both 2021 and 2022 – and that the track had garnered over 677 million streams to date. He mentioned his nomination for the 57th ACM Awards, as well as his expectation of a win at the upcoming 56th CMA Awards on November 9.

Then the men behind the song took a few moments on the microphone.

Matt took the lead, explaining how the song came about. “When we sat down to write this song, we were in a cabin about an hour from Nashville,” he recalls. “We weren’t trying to write a hit, we just wanted to write something we loved. To see the life that this song has taken on is really special.

He also reflected on the final years of Jordan’s career, while noting the special bond the two sets of brothers and best friends share. He thanked Luke for his role in the song, the Universal team, his family and management, as well as ASCAP and the publishers of Combustion, Tape Room and Warner Chappell.

Josh went next, apologizing immediately in advance if he had talked too much since it was his first No. 1. He thanked his family for their endless support and all the people who have helped him. helped get there.

“We all know that to get here, it takes so many people along the way to cheer you on, lift you up, and believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself,” Josh explained. “I thank Lee and the crew [at Smack] whose North Star has always made music that makes people feel something. They gave me a space to create music that I believe in. He added: “It [song captures] who we want to be as men, husbands and fathers. We want to live that way and that will always be one of the most special things about this song.

Jacob took over from there, echoing his thanks to his wife and daughters, and taking a moment to talk about each of his co-writers and his relationship with them. He also gave a special sentiment to his mother, to whom it can be assumed that he credits much of his love for music.

“My mom is an amazing piano player and the melodies that come out of this little lady are just amazing. I remember she wanted Jordan and I to take piano lessons, but we were going to play pro baseball so we didn’t didn’t need piano lessons,” he said cheekily. “In the four years that we’ve taken them, I really appreciate you forcing us to do this. A lot of things got stuck, so thank you .

Luke Bryan then shared his thanks. He told the story of the text’s incorporation into the song, noting how honored he was to be featured on a song that “does what a song should do”, which he says is to convey a message and to inspire people.

He also shed some light on the conversations surrounding the upcoming CMA Awards and joked that as co-host he had written in his contract that the song had to win, to which the audience roared with laughter and of applause.

“It’s the most fun company in the world in the best city in the world because we don’t get tricked by a bunch of flashy egos,” Luke summed up. “We love to see great songs written and I’m honored to be a part of that.”

The man of the hour closed things out with a speech that explained the vital role honesty has played in his career over the years. He said “Buy Dirt” exudes the same brand of honesty about the three important things in his life: faith, family and friends.

He spent time thanking his publishing team at Warner Chappell, his management team, UMG Nashville, and his co-writers, while teasing future Dream Team songs to come.

“I’m so grateful to have been around people since day one who did nothing but shoot me and try to advance my career,” he shared. “I’m so grateful to be on the best label in Nashville, Tennessee. I can’t wait to write many, many more songs.

“Hopefully, fingers crossed, we can talk about this song again in a few weeks. [at the CMA Awards]. I like my role with the co-host,” he said with a laugh before concluding. “To everyone in this room, thank you for giving me a career. I love you. Go buy some land.

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