Ne-Yo: Heartache Makes Great Music – Music News

Ne-Yo thinks that “heartbreak makes good lyrics”.

The 42-year-old singer admits that RnB music has always had “the most meaning” for him, and he still loves being able to express himself through his music.

The chart-topping star – whose real name is Shaffer Smith – shared: “RnB has always meant the most to me.

“It’s always been the kind of music that I can really express that level of emotion with.”

Ne-Yo admits that love songs, in particular, really stir her emotions.

He told The Independent: “It’s always been an uncomfortable truth that heartbreak makes great lyrics.”

Ne-Yo filed for divorce from his wife, Crystal Renay, in 2020. But the COVID-19 pandemic proved to be a turning point for their relationship and they eventually gave their romance another shot, after co-parenting in middle of the health crisis.

The singer – who has Roman, four, and Shaffer, six, with Crystal, as well as Mason, ten, and Madilyn, 11, with actress Monyetta Shaw – said: “We really used to don’t let things escalate.

“But we got better at finding our way to resolution sooner, instead of just staying angry for so long. It’s not healthy for you, or your marriage.”

Ne-Yo opens up about their struggles on one of the songs from her new album.

On ‘Don’t Love Me’ he urges Crystal to reconsider their romance and he also admits to making mistakes during their relationship.

The award-winning star – whose new album is called ‘Self-Explanatory’ – shared: “I asked her if she was ok with me putting it on the album because it’s such a personal record. “

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