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Legendaries, funksters, Nile Rodgers & CHIC lit up the main stage, at the BST festival, as a deafening welcome greeted them. Sleek and a guitar virtuoso, Rodgers was full of energy at the start of his funky masterclass.

‘I Just Can’t Wait for Saturday’ was the powerful opener, which welcomed Rodgers onto the stage. With long, neat dreads, a white Baker boy hat, 70s shades, a hot pink suit and his shiny white guitar, Rodgers was on the beat, ready to blast his trademark credits.

Launching hit after hit, Evergreen Rodgers took a fervent crowd on a nostalgic ride, juggling iconic classics, hits he’d written for Bowie, Diana Ross, Sister Sledge, Madonna and Daft Punk. Strong, sharp breaks and harmonies were masterfully juggled and thrown into his mix.

Rodgers’ classic staging was on fire, as funk/jazz master stepped up, warming up the crowd, ready for headliners Duran Duran.

Emulated high-octane energy, through the crowd, as a multiple Grammy award winner, Rodgers broke new ground musically, with the memorable CHIC track, “Le Freak.”

Rodgers’ guitar magic was exceptional, giving the cheering crowd a first class performance with his usual disco montage of tracks. Sister Sledge’s hit “Lost in Music” swept the crowd away, in a nostalgic rewind of the 70s. With CHIC’s smooth and strong vocal output, the crowd was swept up in a frenzied appreciation.

Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’ led an ecstatic crowd, only to burst out with blasted cheers through Hyde Park. Rodgers kept the party mood upbeat as blow after blow kept coming.

‘Everybody Dance’, ‘Upside Down and ‘He’s the Greatest Dancer’ had the crowd dancing and singing, as Rodgers added his funky guitar hits, merging with CHIC’s vocals and band.

Full respect to the musical powerhouse, ie Ralph Rolle (full time drummer for Nile Rodgers & CHIC), who worked the crowd, with a gathering of chants, over the City of London, increasing the mass too zealous, who returned the favor, as Rolle drove in a solo drumming extravaganza showcasing his acknowledged talent.

Expertly and creatively executed, Rodgers and CHIC completed their spectacular set……and put their own stamp on the style…

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