Noise Mountain releases live album, plus more music news and gossip

PLAN FORWARD: Tickets are on sale now for the 2022 Wildwood Revival. This popular destination and camping event, always held at clover farm in Arnoldsville, has been forced to cancel for COVID-19 for the past two years, but is expected to run again September 30-October 30. 2. Wildwood’s lineup has always been carefully constructed, and this year is no different. Artists featured are Black Pumas, Jenny Lewis, The Wood Brothers, John Moreland, Elizabeth Cook, Suzanne Santo, Early James, The Bones of JR Jones, The Heavy Heavy, Packway Handle Band, Zach Person, JP Harris, The Pink Stones and Leon. III. For more information on tickets and camping, please visit and

HELLO AGAIN: It’s been a while since Killa Cabi (aka Cabbage Looper) appeared in these pages, but he and his associated label Echobass Discs continued to produce a steady stream of music. Cabbi’s music can span a breadth of electronic styles that span a narrow range between hip hop and video game music. His latest release Cali Ma, just released in early April. While generally a standalone unit, this release features guest vocals from Ricky BE and guest production on two Dollar tracks (“Casino World [Feat Queen Seeva]”) and MedicusX (“Slow motion”). This release functions more like a mixtape than an actual album, but, as such, it’s also top notch cruising material full of low beats – exemplified best by “Just Doin’ My Job” – and c It’s already spring, so go ahead and roll with the window down. Find it at

RAISING YOUR VOICE IN THE SWELL: As a rule, I’m not immediately fond of live records unless there’s something particularly spectacular about a certain show. That said, the new live disc of Mountain NoiseLive: Southern Brewing January 7, 2022– is pretty killer. The group, whose authentic punk rock is beyond reproach, draws deeply on the richness of rock and roll, punk and hardcore of the last 20th century. Without going into too much track-by-track detail, suffice it to say that, most likely, anyone who enjoys the intersection of Black Flag, Hüsker Dü and Hot Water Music will dig a lot. Of course I did. Find out at and engage your loyalty at

GET AWAY: Neighborhood Ryan (Midnight Mac) is an Athens-based songwriter who hails from Rome, Georgia, but is currently embedded in schoolwork at UGA. His band released an EP last year, but he’s been pushing further as a solo artist lately. Namely, he dropped a new single on Friday, April 8 called “All You Wanted,” and there’s kind of a dark yacht-rock vibe to it. That is to say, it unfolds smoothly with its horn arrangements and lush percussion, but has a decidedly moody emotional component. He also released a single last month, “This Time,” and he’s swimming in the moody part of the pool too, but even with his nice acoustic packs less punchy than the latter. Find it on Spotify.

SUNRISE SERVICE: Ranjan Avasthi and Sofie Luth are the leaders of The Rishis (Cloud Recordings) and have released a new single in anticipation of a full album, august moon, which will be released later this year. The single, “Wake Up,” is a kind of poignant prayer urging listeners to pay attention to the world around them and turn off talking heads and the loudest voices. Musically speaking, it’s a shimmering, smooth track with a good guest list. These include Scott Spillane (The Gerbils), John Kiran Fernandes (Olivia’s tremor control), James Mari (Big lakes), Pierre Alvanos (Elf Power) and others. The track was recorded at Amplify Studio, which is operated by Nuçi’s Space. Find it and listen to it at

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