Nucleya talks about the “artificial inflation in numbers” in the music industry: “On the ground, translation doesn’t happen…”

Udyan Sagar aka Nucleya rocked the country’s capital with his electrifying performance during the NH7 Weekender. A renowned name in electronic music, Nucleya is the winner of numerous music awards, he was also a judge on MTV Hustle alongside Raftaar and Raja Kumari. In a conversation with, Nucleya explained that there is “serious artificial inflation” in numbers in the music industry. He also shared his thoughts on remixes and plagiarism in the industry.

As there is a lot of struggle and hard work to create a musical sensation, there are many aspiring musical artists waiting for their moment of glory. We asked Nucleya how come noobs join the music industry. The 42-year-old music composer shared, “Previously, business in the music industry was done through record labels. So you have to go to the record companies and they have their terms and conditions. Then, if they are preparing to create music with you, the prerequisite is that you have talent and that your music is really good, which they will decide of course. Now that is not the case, because there is the Internet. That means if you sing well, upload a reel, people will be able to do it and if you’re good, you get the views, and if you get the views, things work in your favor. “

Speaking about the artificial inflation of the numbers, he added, “However, there is a serious artificial inflation of the numbers, because we learn that a song is there and that it has 500 million views, and on the ground, translation does not happen for an artist like that You have 500 million views but how many people come to buy your tickets that transmission is not there If you see there is an artist XYZ who has a lot of views, and you’ll feel like an artist is successful. But that’s just the front end.”

The issue of copying, remixing and plagiarism of songs has come up many times when it comes to talking about the music industry. Asked Nucleya what he thought. He responded by saying, “In hip-hop music, we take multiple pieces of music tracks and put them together to make a song, which is very creative. Or you take a whole piece of music and put some drums on it. It’s not creativity.

“Music was also copied earlier, and the internet didn’t exist back then, so we couldn’t guess if a song or melody was copied. You can see so many songs from the 80s and 90s on Youtube. It Just search for old Hindi songs copied from Hollywood, and you’ll get hundreds and hundreds of them. Everybody’s done it and it’s been there. Nothing new about it,” the music sensation added.

When asked about current music trends, the music composer replied that he doesn’t follow new music so much. “I’m not into new music so much, so I don’t know much actually. I’ll tell you what I know… In the film industry, original music is a little less, and remixes have become more. The musicians have nothing to do with it. I think this should be fixed. Also, EDM is less present these days, indie music is being created more, which is great,” he said.

The musical sensation has created tracks for films like Kapoor and Sons, Mukkabaaz and Choked. We asked him what the difference is between creating songs for a movie or an album. “There must be a difference, I feel it. The music I created for Kapoor and Sons was an existing song I had done with Benny Dayal in Tamil, then we changed it to a Hindi song. So Karan Johar liked it so we made a Hindi song out of it. It wasn’t that the song was made for the movie. Karan chose an existing song.

He shared that the song he created for Mukabaaz was made for Anurag (Kashyap), and he gives complete “creative freedom” to the music composer to do his job. “Anurag, his way of working is that he will let you. You can create your song according to your own preferences, and it gives you complete creative freedom. So it was a very easy job for me, very satisfying creatively as well. I don’t think I’ve done more songs in the film industry and I don’t think I have enough experience to do that either. When I do my job, the creative horses run like crazy but when someone stops them, I can’t work anymore. In the film industry, sometimes they don’t stop you, but they want you to work within a boundary. For example, they say the subject should not be changed. So I don’t have much interest in creating music for movies.

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