“Patience Folding Waters” by Grant and Rachel Evans, plus more music news and gossip

IT TAKES TWO: A few weeks ago, visual artists and musicians Grant and Rachel Evans held the opening at the tiny ATH gallery for their combined exhibition “Patience Folding Waters: The Paper Works of Grant & Rachel Evans”. Last week they held a live artist talk about the exhibit. This week they will perform live at the gallery under the name of their project Quiet Evenings. I’ve covered them extensively in this column, so if you’re unfamiliar, check out our archive. This happens Thursday, May 19 from 6-9 p.m. The small ATH gallery is located at 174 Cleveland Ave. For more information, please visit facebook.com/hookervision and facebook.com/tinyathgallery.

Quiet evenings – Transcending the spheres of Time travel motion sickness on Vimeo.

QUIET EVENINGS – Tangled Garden (excerpt) of Hooker’s Vision on Vimeo.

REALLY CLASS SEAL: Looking for a break from the steady onslaught of rock and roll, country, hip hop and seemingly every other genre that winks at Athens? If so, head to Southern Brewing Co. on Friday, May 20 and catch Athens’ own klezmer band Local klezmer 42 with a jazz and swing band Hot hotties. A few decades ago, there was a time when klezmer music – a danceable Jewish folk style originating in Central and Eastern Europe – was a hair’s breadth from breaking into the mainstream as the swing music revival did. It’s good that the people of Klezmer Local 42 keep the faith. For more information, please visit facebook.com/klezmerlocal42 and facebook.com/TheHotHottyHots. Doors open tonight at 7 p.m. and the whole evening is scheduled to end at 10 p.m.

Local klezmer 42 Local klezmer 42

IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY. PERIOD.: Longtime Athens musician, band member and friend Ben Spraker will celebrate its 50th anniversary at the 40 Watt Club on Saturday, May 21. Best known for his role in Ceiling Fan and The Shut-Ups, Spraker has graced the stages of Athens for nearly three decades. As expected, he will also play tonight. In addition to the above Shut your mouthone of Spraker’s other bands—Normaltown sound machine— is also featured, as is The Wydelles, with whom Spraker will not play. Doors are at 8 p.m. and music starts at 9 p.m. So come down and already wish this man a happy birthday, right?

Jessica Smith A young Ben Spraker.

ROLL FOR YELLOW AND BLUE: A benefit for Ukrainians seeking to evacuate active war zones will occur at drink Saturday May 21 from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. There is live music planned, as well as an art exhibition and sale. All donations given at the door will benefit Ukrainian aid, as well as at least 50% of the proceeds from art sales. This event is organized by Denise Gorrio (Turtle Grenade) and Russian-born photographer in Athens Irina Rozovsky. Featured artists that day are Canary Affair, Elijah Johnston, Turtle Grenade, Dish (Asheville, NC), Sweet Earth Flying, Hawk Proof Rooster, Liz Farrell and Lisa Love. For more information on the specific beneficiary organization, please visit ukrainetrustchain.org.

Denise Gorrio

SECOND HELP:Hardcore Hero food eater will celebrate the vinyl release of their 2021 self-titled album at Flicker Theater & Bar on Thursday, May 26. Also playing tonight, Athens Several Miggs and from Atlanta Death of Saddam. The posted time for this show is 8 p.m. I know you all like to ride lightning and get to everything at the last possible minute, but people have been very serious lately about getting things started on time and much earlier than the Athens night tradition. conscientiously established over the past five decades. So don’t relax. If you haven’t heard from these guys yet, catch up on it courtesy of member Reeth Dasgupta futile strength label at futileforce.bandcamp.com/album/foodeater.

HEAVY D: In related news to the above, Futile Force has just released the new tape of Fat Athletewhich bears a charming title Stand in line to eat shit. Of course, you can also buy it as a digital download or stream it for free, so let your conscience and available technology be your guide. The eight-song album is lavishly performed and significantly lower on the grindcore index than a demo from last year. Instead, it’s a solid entry into the new d-beat/hardcore/crust canon, which is a collection of styles that never really went away, but certainly rose and fell in popularity over the over the past 40 years. Fat Jock brings such energy, flair and enthusiasm to these tracks that everything feels a bit new again. Dig it at futileforce.bandcamp.com/album/line-up-eat-shit.

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