Random Music News for Friday, October 21, 2022

Imagine trying to park The biggest SUV in the world. It’s much easier to just read the music news for October 21, 2022.

  1. Did Spotify crash for you earlier today? Blame the Taylor Swift fans.
  2. Which music streaming service actually has the most tracks? Here is the answer.
  3. Here are the winners of 2022 SOCAN Music Awards.
  4. A group of consumers, artists and lobby groups want the US Department of Justice unwind the 2010 merger from Live Nation and Ticketmaster.
  5. Fleetwood Mac is have another moment graphic thanks to a song that’s in a Chevy commercial.
  6. Lana Del Rey had a very, very, very bad day.
  7. Kurt Cobain’s estate isn’t happy this opera.
  8. Korn’s Jonathan Davis has No more news on his new pet products business, Freak on a Leash.
  9. New shock: Liam Gallagher is angry with Noel again. Here is the last beef.
  10. Meanwhile, Blur’s Graham Coxon says he would be happy to negotiate a deal it would bring Oasis back together. Good luck with that.
  11. It is certainly a cool new electric piano.
  12. There doesn’t seem to be a business venture that Snoop Dogg won’t try. See?
  13. In today’s “Kanye Is Crazy” news story, we have a Hitler comparison while you double on his anti-Semitic remarks.
  14. here are the song titles used as chapter titles for Bono’s new memoirs, surrender songs.
  15. Do people listen to the news today? Have we had enough? Is it too bad for us? Look at this.
  16. “How could you be so wrong? » Discuss.
  17. A Back to the future radio station? Yes.
  18. This is lots of strong language for the BBC, Nope ? (NSFW)

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PRIME: It’s a good idea.

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