Random Music News for Thursday, April 28, 2022

If you’re a Duran Duran fan I highly recommend this video (it’s on Amazon Prime video for free (or was) – which I’m not pushing but if you’re already allied with the Evil Empire you might as well well take advantage):

Duran Duran – Classic Albums: Rio

It’s like VH1 Behind The Scenes from a musician’s point of view. I watched it once out of boredom and now I buy copies for people I meet who are Duran Duran fans (when I can find them cheap enough). In fact, I was shocked to learn that they were *real* musicians. I was one of those new wave snobs who turned their backs on them in the 80s. Sure, they had songs that were catchy and can’t resist a makeup boy, but they were just TOO pop for me ; musically and in popularity. A View to A Kill is my favorite, but it’s heavily influenced by my love for Roger Moore.

I totally loved this video. Watching (whoever) talk in the recording studio about how they laid down the tracks and layered them and removed pieces here and added bobs there…well, that was totally amazing . It impressed me a lot. I’m not going to turn into a fan or make me want to start buying their music but if someone offered me a free or cheap concert ticket I would go. (I wouldn’t have done it before unless the opening band was phenomenal!)

* no affiliation with anyone involved in the video etc.


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