Rich Wyman & Lisa Needham ‘Memories of You’ First Video E! News UK is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of “Memories of You” by Rich Wyman & Lisa Needham.

The breathtaking musical approach of duo Rich Wyman and Lisa Needham can be attributed to their unique individual journeys in mastering their talents and merging them to create this powerful duo. Wyman lays the groundwork with his thunderous piano chops and smoky voice steeped in passion. His music has topped many international charts and even won 10 ASCAP awards. With an accomplished career, even working with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Eddie Van Halen, Alanis Morrisette and the Goo Goo Dolls, Wyman brings an element of rock n’ roll glamor into every track. Needham takes songwriting to an exceptional level with her impressive three-octave range that she developed while performing in New York nightclubs and cabarets. Carrying her soul and emotions, she captures the attention of listeners with her incredible vocal spectrum and lyrical storytelling abilities. Together, Wyman and Needham form an incredible musical marriage of talent that is shifting the modern space of rock n’ roll, jazz and soul, and they showcase that through their latest track, “Memories of You.”

Flashes of devoted love and tenderness wash over listeners to “Memories of You,” an ode to that special someone who will always hold a place in your heart. The uplifting instrumentals envelop listeners in a warm atmosphere of sunshine and radiance while the voices of Wyman and Needham blend seamlessly into each other. The music video captures that feeling of ecstatic love through stunning visuals of the performers driving through the beautiful valleys of Utah in a chic blue 1962 Lincoln Continental. It’s clear to see the chemistry Wyman and Needham have as musicians, using each other’s talents to really shine. “Memories of You” is the track to let your heart run free and soak up the magic of love.

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