Rick Bleiweiss, Bestselling Author and Former Senior Vice President of the Music Industry, Announces 2 New Books, Media Book Launch Results and a Successful Career Transition to Publishing

Best-selling author and editor Rick Bleiweiss announces two new book releases, as well as a successful multimedia book launch and transition from Music Industry Executive (SVP at BMG Music, Arista, Island Records) to Publishing Executive (Blackstone Edition) and best-selling author of “Pignon Scorbion & The Barbershop Detectives” (February 2022) – with volume 2 of his “Pignon Scorbion” series already planned for a February 2023 Release.

ASHLAND, Oregon., June 30, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Former Music Industry Executive and Grammy-Nominated Producer Rick Bleiweiss announces two new book releases, as well as successful results for a multimedia book launch and a career transition as a publishing manager and best-selling author. Bleiweiss’ sherlock holmesCog Scorbion & The Barbershop Detectives type detective novel (Blackstone Publishing, February 2022) launched a new paperback version this week (6/28/22), has an upcoming sequel already planned, and the book series has been optioned for TV.

Similar to the mixed media marketing strategies the author has used in the music industry to promote mega artists (Gene Simmons, Melissa EtheridgePink, Alicia’s Keys, The Backstreet Boys) and film soundtracks (3 films “Star Wars”, “This Is Spinal Tap”, and “Saturday Night Fever”), Bleiweiss launched his first novel as a cinema blockbuster. To stand out, its book launch strategy included an entertaining story, theme song, trailer, video game app, video series, merchandise, BookBub promotion, media interviews, events book signing and more.

Rick Bleiweiss expressed his gratitude; “I want to thank everyone at Blackstone Publishing for the fabulous job they did on the book, as well as my agents and the fans of classic ‘thriller’ mysteries who enjoyed and supported the book and me.”

And the results of the launch of Bleiweiss’ first novel have been exceptional.

1. Book Industry Praise: “Sprocket Scorbion & the Barbershop Detectives” continues to be an Amazon “Editors’ Choice” for “Best Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense,” and was selected as one of “Best New Mysteries” by Weekly Publishers and the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association’s Buzz Book.

2. Book Reviews: With nearly 200 book reviews on Amazon in 4.5 months for “Pignon Scorbion & The Barbershop Detectives,” Bleiweiss’s debut novel scored out of the ordinary compared to the majority of other authors .

3. Sales success: The book has already sold more than 95% of books sold in its lifetime, and was ranked “#1 Best Seller” in 5 categories on Amazon.

4. Book Option for TV: First Wind Film Development (UK) has opted for Bleiweiss’ “Pignon Scorbion” series for TV, and a script is currently being written.

5. Top Author Endorsements: “Pignon Scorbion & the Barbershop Detectives” has received endorsements from legendary authors: Heather Graham, Shelley Berger Gray, Rex Pickett, Amanda Flower, Reed Farrel Coleman, Natasha BoydPamela Binnings Ewen, James WadeAndrew & Wilson, Robert Arellano, Nancy Pickard, Dick Lochte, Eric Maikranzand Edwin Battistelle – and more.

6. Book 2 of the planned “Scorbion Gear” series: Bleiweiss has already written the next detective story in his “Scorbion Gear” series which will be titled “Murder at Haxford”, which is currently planned for a February 2023 published by Blackstone Publishing, and is endorsed by Al-Roker, Catherine Couterand more top-selling artists and celebrities.

7. New Summer 2022 release: Bleiweiss is also one of the top 8 mystery writers who contributed to an upcoming book: Hotel California: An Anthology of New Mystery Short Stories (The Music and Murder Mystery Series) (Music and Murder Mysteries) which will be released July 12, 2022through Blackstone Publishing.

8. New Business Book Deals: As Business Development Manager at Blackstone Publishing, Bleiweiss has been instrumental in acquiring the works of many successful and famous authors including James Clavel, Dale Brown, Catherine Couter, Robert Downey Jr. (“Fresh Food”), Al-Roker, Rex Pickett (“Next to”), Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Leon Urisas well as the first audiobooks of the famous Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

“Scorbion Sprocket and the Barber Shop Detectives”

“Hotel California: An Anthology of New Mystery Short Stories” (July 12, 2022)
(The Music and Murder Mystery Series)
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ON: Rick Bleiweiss (Ashland, ORof New York zone) is a best-selling author, responsible for publishing (SVP, Blackstone Edition), speaker, former music industry executive (SVP BMG Music, Arista, Island Records) and Grammy-nominated record producer, who successfully released his debut novel, “Pignon Scorbion & The Barbershop Detectives” (February 2022hardcover, e-book and audiobook, and new paperback from June 2022). Bleiweiss began his music career as a rock performer, producer of over 50 records, songwriter and senior record company executive in New York City. Bleiweiss has worked with music industry legends including Clive Davis, Melissa Etheridgethe Backstreet Boys, Kiss, U2, whitney houston, the BeeGees and many more. Bleiweiss has also marketed the soundtracks for 3 Star Wars movies, Saturday Night Fever, This is Spinal Tap, and more. Since 2006, as the head of a publishing house, Bleiweiss has acquired works by best-selling and award-winning authors, including Rex Pickett (“Next to”), James Clavel (“Shogun”) and PC Cast (“House of Night”). His mystery series, career and work have been featured in KATU ABC News Portland, ORKFMB CBS San Diego, KTVL CBS Oregon, KOBI NBC 6 Oregon, Publisher’s Weekly, BookTrib, The Jewish Journal, KPBS, Deadline, The Frank Truatt Morning Show (#1 morning show in NYC/NJ), News Talk 1590/ABC Radio Affiliate, and many book podcasts. For the latest news, follow @rickbleiweissauthor on Instagram and/or visit https://www.rickbleiweiss.com

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