Shreyash Shandiliya – Journey of a Melodious Soul in the Music Industry

Shreyash Shandiliya, an Indian composer and lyricist who founded the HS Musik Company and the SoulFul Musik Academy, was born on November 21, 1993. Shreyash is a music enthusiast who has been working in the music industry for a long time. He has composed the music for several films, television series and commercials as a creative music producer. He has collaborated with famous Bollywood singers such as Krishna Beura, Saraj Jagan, Anwesshaa, Shweta Pandit and others. He has taught music to thousands of students and has a mission to educate everyone with a strong desire to learn music through SoulFul Musik Academy.

Travel in the music industry

From an early age, Shreyash Shandiliya has had a passion for music. He was born in a small town in North Bihar and received all his education there. In second grade, Shreyash entered and won a school-level music competition, which ignited his love for music. During this time, Himesh Reshammiya has become an important and inspirational person in her life; today, Shreyash still has an extensive collection of almost all of his records. His parents wanted him to start his musical education with a teacher in Banka, but he preferred to start everything in and from Mumbai. As a result, he left his comfortable family life behind his parents’ protective shell as a tenth grader and moved to Mumbai. He went there with the intention of pursuing his passion with all his might, learning from industry experts and receiving top-notch training from his guru, Ustaad Mehboob Khan. After that, Shreyash started working as a film and television composer. People’s Choice Awards 2022: Ryan Reynolds will receive the People’s Icon Award at the event!

Shreyash Shandiliya as Founder

Along with mastering multiple instruments, Shreyash also explores other facets of music and values ​​by teaching others. He established SoulFul Musik Academy, his music school, in 2012. Through this institution, he helps other music lovers to learn music theory, ear training, singing in Indian Classical, Western Classical, Semi -classical and global, as well as playing all possible musical instruments in the world. The academy also helps learners create their own instruments, offer higher studies in music such as music production, audio engineering, DJing, ear training, descriptive music theory, music direction, songwriting songs and more. Shreyash also founded his own music company, HS Musik Company, with the aim of not only launching his own music, but also providing a platform for all talented young artists to get started in the industry. The mission of this company is to promote originality in its work and talented up-and-coming musicians in all musical genres.

Rewards, Recognition and Appreciation for Great Work

Shreyash’s extensive training and expertise in the music industry helped him produce soulful, melodic compositions that won appreciation from listeners and critics. He has won various accolades for his work in the music industry. India’s Signature Brands 2020, Mumbai’s Top Three Music Academy nomination, APS Media Award 2018, India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2018, Global Icon Award 2017, and others are some of them. Many well-known personalities in the music industry like Arijit Singh, Madhuri Dixit, Monali Thakur and others have recognized his efforts, works and achievements. Mouni Roy writes a heartwarming note on BFF Jia Mustafa’s birthday! (See the pictures).

Shreyash’s Contribution to Humanity

A good soul is shaped by good music – this is especially true for Shreyash Shandiliya, who has a pure heart for others. He always wanted to use music to help people in some way. Therefore, it offers free training through SoulFul Musik Academy for music enthusiasts who cannot afford to pay for professional training after going through a quick and easy verification process. He trains all music lovers because he wants to make it accessible to all.

Apart from being a praiseworthy musician, Shreyash is also determined to grow his YouTube gaming channel – Musician Gamer 21, his personal YouTube channel – Shreyash Shandiliya and his motorcycle vlog channel – Musician On Ride, for his sake gambling, traveling and driving cars and bikes. Considering his incredible talent and hard work, Shreyash is truly recognized as a melodious soul.

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