Sky Ferreira Talks Getting Around Music Industry’s ‘Sexist’ Machinations: ‘I’m Not Made’

Sky Ferreira performs live at NOS Primavera Sound in Porto, Portugal – June 09, 2022 – Credit: Diogo Baptista / SOPA Images/Sipa USA/AP Photo

Sky Ferreira has spoken about the ‘sexist’ way music industry figures tried to shape her image and career, and sympathizes with Nancy Sinatra for being branded a ‘bubble gum’ artist in a new conversation in Interview.

Sinatra asked Ferreira about some comments she’s made in the past about “not being allowed to do what you wanted to do and feeling trapped” when it comes to releasing new music. Ferreira responded by noting that “In the music industry, everyone tries to shape you,” adding that, especially when she was younger, she often found herself “thrown into situations” where she had to do things. which did not interest him.

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The internet and modeling allowed Ferreira to achieve a kind of independence from the music industry machine, joking at one point, “[T]They didn’t like me skirting them, and it didn’t make them look very good, having a 21-year-old publicly beat you at your own game. But even as I got older and tried to finish his long-awaited second album, Masochism (which is due out this year), she felt like people in the industry were trying to shape and influence her career like she was still a kid.

“You’re set up in situations to seem difficult, but also, what does that even mean?” said Ferreira. “Just that you don’t want to be completely controlled.” And it’s funny how these people think. It’s as if you were ungrateful, as if you weren’t working for it. They say, ‘Don’t you know how lucky you are? There’s another one of you online. And I’m like, ‘Okay, well, go with them then.'”

Ferreira continued, “You could put the person with all the same people I’ve worked with, and you could dress them the same, but at the end of the day, I’m not made, so it’ll never be the same. result. It’s about respect. A lot of it’s sexist, but I also think it’s because I started when I was 14, so they feel like they can manipulating, or treating me like a 14-year-old kid or something. I’m 30 now and it’s the same thing.

Earlier in the chat, Ferreira asked Sinatra if she had experienced something similar early in her career. “Sort of,” she replied, adding, “I got typecast into this chewing gum image early on, and had to fight my way out of it.”

Ferreira replied, “They still want to do that, don’t they? They love chewing gum. This is exactly what happened to me the first time. I bypassed it and they didn’t like it too much.

“Well,” Sinatra added, “women in power are sometimes not welcome.”

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