Stept signs director Brendan Vaughan for commercials and music videos

Creative and production house Stept Studios has added Los Angeles-based director Brendan Vaughan to its talent roster for US representation spanning commercials and branded content.

Vaughan found her niche in film by making desert skateboarding videos. In order to gain experience without going down a traditional path and without money, he said yes to any job that would take him on a set, from being a sound guy to a not-so-good gaffer. His desire to try his hand at everything led him to learn all aspects of filmmaking. After working on various music videos, he landed an ACD role at Beats by Dre, where he focused on moving the brand’s social media presence into a more real and gritty Gen-z focused space, and gave him insight into the creative process of a brand with strong DNA.

Vaughan has led campaigns for global brands including BMW, Cadillac, Sonos, Mercedes-Benz and Beats by Dre. He has also directed music videos for Travis Scott, Lil Yachty, Migos, Bastille, Charlie Puth, Alicia Keys, Oliver Tree and Lil Uzi Vert. He was nominated for a UK Music Video Award 2020 for his work with MASN.

Vaughan’s body of commercial work and music videos combines the creative direction he brought to Beats, his passion for European films, fast cars and his Western roots. A good example of this is the juxtaposition in his M4 Rebels spot for BMW. A sleek German car is seen tearing up gravelly streets kicking up dust on the vehicle, while the narrator echoes the driver to “rebel”.

Prior to joining Stept, Vaughan was more recently independent. Earlier it was replaced by Moxie Pictures.

“Brendan’s work is both bold and refined, a space that few directors can parallel walk. Stept is known for performing in both of these avenues, but seeing Brendan do it so well with automotive and tech brands made him an ideal candidate for our list,” said David Brickel, General Manager of Production. in Stept. “His success in Europe and his determination to always learn makes us excited to bring Brendan into the fold and take this journey together.”

Vaughan described Stept as a venture that will allow him “to push the boundaries of filmmaking in a rapidly changing commercial landscape. Not only that, but they have avenues that offer more creative freedoms and formats, from ideation to delivery.

Stept Studios maintains operating bases in Los Angeles and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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