The music industry treats Harry Styles like a piece of meat

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I’ve been a self-proclaimed Harry Styles fan for over a decade now and I eat (pardon the pun) any form of Harry Styles media, be it his music, movies or the interviews in which he deftly avoids answer questions for ten years. minutes. During this time, the styles were increasingly exploited in several ways.

His recent music video for “Music For a Sushi Restaurant” (MFASR), a song from his new album Harry’s House, plays with spectacle and metaphor to reveal how Styles has been used by the music industry. The video begins with Styles dressed as a mermaid who has been washed up on shore and captured by fishermen. The beach has been a recurring location throughout his career, most notably in the music video for his Grammy-winning song “Watermelon Sugar.” However, if we go back to the very beginning of her career, One Directions’ debut single “What Makes You Beautiful” was shot on a beach, perfectly mirroring the start of MFASR, just as the mermaid Styles was truly captured, but not by fisherman, rather it was the grueling X Factor panel, and later in the hands of Simon Cowell’s record company.

The video continues with the mermaid singing like a siren to avoid being shot at the sushi restaurant. At this point, everything gets a little weird, it almost feels like a fever dream is coming to life. The costume and makeup felt like stepping into a prop closet for a production of The Little Mermaid, but it was also completely on the mark of Styles who is known for his shiny accessories and outfits that demand attention. attention, intended or not. A gooey mermaid tale mounted with tenacles and scales, however, isn’t quite what I personally envisioned when anticipating what this clip would entail. The show is wonderfully smart, many fans were confused and somewhat concerned by the appearance of the video, people even said that Styles managed to give them the ‘ick’. However, does this not speak to the problem in question? Harry Styles is more than his image, but he has to rely on it so much because the media has turned him into such a desirable being that if he strays from that character, then fans who are normally captivated by his appearance are disgusted. The whole video is a metaphor for how the industry treated him like a piece of meat, and the video clearly proves his own point.

The mermaid gets a makeover and is pampered by their reluctant crew, all in an effort to form a complete, star-like image. One of the funniest moments in the video is when a fan asks to touch the mermaid’s story, which results in a quick swipe of a tentacle as the fan gets a slap across the face. This moment certainly made me laugh, however, I can’t help but think that must be what Styles sometimes wishes to do to those fans who invade his space in real life. Although it’s a lighthearted and fun moment, it says a lot about the awkward situations that Styles is frequently subjected to.

What has to be the most impactful moment in the video, the moment most fans realize it’s more than just a weird thought that comes to life, is when the mermaid fails to live up to the standards. expected and is cut into sushi rolls. . I don’t know about you but this moment hurt me a little because it really shows the fragility of the music industry and social networks in general. When performing at his peak, Styles was adored by millions of fans, however, as soon as he slipped up, the industry could erase his image.

Music For a Sushi Restaurant is undeniably a perfect song to lift my spirits, but images of Styles being cut into sushi rolls will forever be etched in my memory. Right now I’m just sitting here wondering how everyone whose favorite artist is Harry Styles and whose favorite food is Sushi is holding up because I’m definitely not okay.

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